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According to the newly formed rules of Saudi Arabia about Zamzam water, the Muslims of other countries can take only 5 liters per passenger of Zamzam when they get back to their native countries. You are requested not to buy more than 5 liters/ person of Zamzam water or otherwise you will have to place it there at departing Airport.
This Zamzam water rule has been imposed by the GACA (General Authority for Civil Aviation) of Saudia since 2015. According to it, NONE of the passengers departing from King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Madinah will be allowed to take more than 5 liters of Zamzam water while going back to their dwelling place. Along with it, Zamzam water is part of free allowed checked in luggage.
Zamzam is blessed water among Muslims and we have grown up seeing our elders who after coming back from Umrah, get best economy Umrah packages 2019 from Pakistan distributed Zam zam water in between their family members and relatives which they used to bring from Saudi Arabia. Zamzam water is taken and purchased from Saudi Arabia by many Mutamirs and Pilgrims who distribute it between their relatives as a gift when they go back to their homes. 

Can I Take Zamzam Water in the Luggage?

You can carry Zamzam water in luggage as part of your free allowed checked in luggage. Your luggage weight should not exceed the limit of free luggage allowance or otherwise, you will be charged for extra weight of luggage. Also, Zamzam water should not be more than 5 liters (5kg/ 1 gallon) per person, and it should be packed tightly so that it could not leak.
Now, the question arises on how to pack Zamzam water? You can approach any safe wrap company which will pack Zamzam water for easy transport. Before entering the Jeddah Airport, you will see a hut there where there is a lot of stacked Zamzam water for selling purposes. You can buy Zamzam water at Jeddah Airport 2019 and Zamzam water at Jeddah Airport after showing your passport and paying money.
These cans are covered in a box and that box has a seal, they are already packed. Buy Zamzam water at Jeddah Airport or Madinah Airport as it is ready for transport, cheap in price, high in quality, suitable for your health (in contrast to street sellers of Zamzam) and you can bring it to your country easily. Read about the full details of cheap hotels in Makkah near Haram 2019.
Note: You need to confirm from your airline whether they consider Zamzam water as a part of the overall baggage allowance or they will consider Zamzam water as separate additional allowance. 

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