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Uzbekistan is one of the most beautiful central Asian countries. It is a Muslim country and comes with a lot of adventurous activities to do for tourists. The country is considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Asia. Every year thousands of visitors go Uzbekistan for tourism and other recreational purposes. Uzbekistan also welcomes Pakistani tourists and offers an easy process to apply for the Uzbekistan Tourist Visa
Applicants who are willing to Explore Uzbekistan and are looking for the complete process that what are the requirements to apply for Uzbekistan visit visa, what is the application process for Uzbekistan visit visa, and How To Get Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan are invited to get the complete detail to secure your visa application. 
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What Documents Are Required For Uzbekistan Visit Visa

The following are the required documents for Uzbekistan Tourist Visa
  1. Applicants are required to have a valid travel document such as a passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 06 months at the time of application submission.
  2. Applicants are also required to have a copy of the first page of their passport. 
  3. 02 recent colored photographs are required.
  4. A letter of invitation is mandatory. 
  5. Applicants are required to get and fill an online visa application form.

What Is the Process to Apply? 

Applicants are asked to follow the below-given steps to secure their Uzbekistan visa application
  1. •Step 1: Applicants are required to get a letter of invitation, LOI. You can obtain a letter of invitation from the local Uzbekistan embassy or travel agency. For this purpose, you are required to contact the local travel agency of Uzbekistan. However, if your acquaintances are already residing there then they can send you a letter of invitation directly.
  2. •Step 2: Once you would get the letter of invitation then you will be required to gather other supporting documents that are mentioned above. Make sure that you have obtained all the supporting documents, otherwise, your application will not be entertained. 
  3. •Step 3: You will get an application form and after filling the application form accurately you will be required to attach all the supporting documents to your application form. 
  4. •Step 4: Applicants will be required to visit the Uzbekistan Embassy in Pakistan. The embassy receives the applications from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Applicants are asked to wait until 03:00 PM and from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM applicants are provided their passports with visa stamp.
  5. •Step 5: Now, you are required to be prepared and Get an Air Ticket and travel to Uzbekistan.    

Uzbekistan Visa Fee From Pakistan:

60$ is the Uzbekistan Visa Fee For Pakistan. It is the fee for a single entry visa. Applicants can also apply for a double-entry visa and multiple entry visas. The visa fee varies from category to category. 

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We hope that from the above discussion and application process one can easily apply a safe application for Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan. However, the tourists or applicants who are worried about the letter of invitation and are confused at any other step of the application process, they are invited by to get complete Visa consultancy. Moreover, we are not only offering candidates the complete guide for Uzbekistan visa but, at the same time, applicants are also provided the opportunities to get visas through Pakistan’s Best Visa Consultants

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