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Umrah Visa Fee in 2019 is free for the people going for Umrah first time. However, according to the new Umrah visa policy 2019 for Pakistan, a person who wants to go for Umrah may be charged 2000 Saudi Riyals if he has already gone for Umrah Last Year.
To go on free Umrah Visa again, you are required to have a gap of two years in each of your Umrah. This all is according to Umrah policy 1441 or New Umrah visa Policy 2019 for Pakistan. For example, if you are going for Umrah in September 2019, you can achieve the next free Umrah Visa in September 2022. Apart from the Umrah Visa, people are charged for flight tickets and other services by Umrah agents in the shape of Umrah packages.

Travel Agents for Umrah Visa Procedure in Pakistan:

Umrah is a very reputable and valuable prayer in Islam. Each year thousands of Muslims travel for Umrah from Pakistan. For this purpose, each city has travel agents which accompany people to go for Umrah. The price of Umrah Packages is fixed by each travel agent. You can find here the most reliable and serving travel agencies situated in your city.
Usually, an Umrah Visa is processed and managed by the travel agency you contacted and paid. In about 2 weeks your Umrah Visa procedure will be completed. For this, you would need documents required for Umrah Visa i.e. a passport valid for at least 6 months, medical certificate, recent photographs, and a complete and properly signed Umrah Application Form. have collected the phone numbers and email addresses of travel agents of each city of Pakistan. You can get your required package easily, if you want the cheapest Umrah Package in Pakistan then Economy Package, 2 Star Umrah Package, and 3 Star Umrah Packages are suitable. If you want more facilitative and quality service, then 4 Star Umrah Package and 5 Star Umrah Package are the best.

The fee of Umrah Visa in 2019:

There are no charges of Umrah visa for the people who perform Umrah first time, but if someone performs Umrah in two consecutive years, he/she will be charged Umrah Visa fee of 2000 Saudi Riyals for their 2nd Umrah. To go on a free visa, you are required to have a gap of at least 2 years in between your Umrahs.
Our website is based on information about travels whether it is related to Visas, trips and tours, Umrah and Hajj, Flight booking and ticket charges, etc. There are many Umrah packages offered by several travel agents for easy accessibility of the public of Pakistan. On our website, one can easily find contact numbers and addresses of the travel agents situated in their city.


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