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Qatar is a sovereign state located in the Middle East and known as one of the biggest producers of oil and gas. Being an Islamic state it follows the laws and traditions of Islam. The government has taken a proactive step to promote tourism in the country and it will also play an important role in strengthening their relationship with the other countries.
For this, a visa-free program, Issuance of e-visa, on arrival visa announced by the concerned authorities of the state to attract visitors from the various countries.
qatar tourist visa

Qatar on Arrival Visa for Pakistani Nationals:

As far as the Pakistani travelers are concerned Qatar is now offering the on arrival visa for them. This is great news as every year thousands of Pakistani travel to Qatar for various purposes so they can take the benefit of this service. There are a number of reasons that Pakistani passport holders visit Qatar such as to live and work, to meet friends, or to explore its beautiful travel destinations. After this decision by the Qatar government Pakistani can easily travel to Qatar as it has become quite convenient.
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They can enter the country visa-free and live up to 30 days by following the conditions mentioned for the Qatar visa without paying any visa charges. This is applicable to the single trip as well as the multiple trips.

Qatar Visa Assistance from Pakistan:

Are you looking to get the information about the Qatar Visa from Pakistan, then you are at the right platform. has compiled all the details related to the visa requirements for Pakistani passports, visa processing, and the other particulars that passengers must know before making the traveling plan to Qatar. So go through the available specifics and learn about all the essentials. We provide you the best Qatar Visa Services and ensure you provide a memorable journey.

Requirements Of On Arrival Visa Requirements:

To get Qatar on arrival visa, the requirements that should be fulfilled are stated below. Make sure to follow them properly to avoid any trouble.
  • The passport of passengers should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • To get the visa, it’s necessary to have a Confirmed Return Ticket.
  • During the stay confirmation of the Hotel Booking must be presented
  • The passenger must have a valid credit card
  • Pakistani nationals must present a certificate of vaccination against polio in order to show their health status.
  • The passenger should have a valid credit card or QR5, 000 in cash (PKR 230,087.90/-) to get them on arrival visa.
  • The duration of the visa can be extended after the confirmation of the return ticket as initially the visa is only provided for 30 days.
  • There is no Qatar visa price for the on arrival visa as it processed immediately at the airport and the passenger can get the visa.
qatar tourist places

Requirements of the Tourist Visa:

Following are the requirements of the Qatar Tourist Visa for Pakistan.
  • Copy of Passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • CNIC
  • The latest picture with white background
  • After submission of the visa application, 3-4 working days are required for processing.
  • Refundable Cash Guarantee can be requested in some cases.
  • The visa approval is only subject to the Qatar Embassy or Consulate.
  • Qatar visa fee is Non-Refundable in all cases.
If you are visiting Qatar in 2020 on Qatar Visit Visa or business visa, then there is nothing to worry about, visit, and get a hand on all the important details of the Qatar visa from Pakistan. All the details are stated here to facilitate the passengers. 

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