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God’s green land is full of tremendous beauty and striking landscapes, it is indeed unfortunate to spend your whole in just one place without exploring the miracle called earth. As Gustav Flaubert famously quoted, ‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ In older times travelling was only possible for elite and economically privileged class but now it has become quite possible to plan your solo trip in relatively affordable travel packages. As a Pakistani however, there are entry requirements and visa limitations that put a hindrance for fluid and unrestricted worldwide travelling. The top 10 countries which are best for Pakistanis to travel are discussed in the following article in case you are in process of planning a trip to abroad
Destinations of the world that you can fly to under 1 lakh from pakistan.


Turkey is famous and exquisite travel destination, as a Muslim country there are many similarities to be explored, there are ancient historical sites, galleries, museums, art and literature with which Pakistanis can relate. The food is delicious and appetizing, people are warm and friendly and the ambience is joyful and vibrant. You can go ferry ride or cruise ride in Mediterranean coastline, the remains of Roman architecture can be experienced by visiting Ephesus city of Turkey or Aspendos Theatre and the natural wonder Pamukkale are names of the few famous tourist’s sites in Turkey.  


Malaysia is an international business hub; it has modern infrastructure similar to European manner but has deep traditional and cultural roots. There are diverse tourist spots Malaysia giving you multidimensional experience that include small beautiful islands with extravagant resorts, wild jungle for adventurers, ancient historical sites revealing cultures of Hindus, Malay and the Chinese and towering skyscrapers.. 

3-Dubai, UAE:

Dubai is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. It has safety, exceptional tourist’s spots, smooth visa policies and best site seeing attractions. You get to visit the famous Burj khalifa, exquisite resorts, sandy beaches, skyscrapers, Dubai Creek & Al Seef District, Jumeirah Mosque, Heritage and Diving Village, Dubai Aquarium and Jumeirah Beach and much more. 


Egypt is a Muslim country linking Middle East with Africa from its northeastern border. When hearing about the famous old tales of pharaoh and mummies, pyramids and Greek gods such as Sphinx they all fill us with awe and urge to visit these places. If you talk about a land having strong cultural and traditional richness, long lasting historical and ancient literature and archeological sites, Egypt comes first in his category. The names of few famous tourist spot in Egypt are Pyramids of Giza, Luxor's Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings, Islamic Cairo and Abu Simbel.

5- Sri Lanka:

Pakistan and Sri Lanka have friendly and strong political relationships. Famous tourist’s spots are rock fortress called Sigiriya which miracle one of its own kind, the historically and religiously important spot Adam’s peak with Buddha’s foot impression, the colonial city Galle and abode to big cats; Yala National Park.

6- Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan bestrides between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, famous for seaside resorts and hillside towns, east meets west culture, tropical climate and delicious cuisines. The Pakistani tourists can encounter unique modern contemporary arts exhibited at museums; the Islamic architecture and Caspian Sea are enchanting vistas in Azerbaijan.


Maldives is prototypically the most magnificent tropical island in the world.  Soaking in the sun at powdered beaches in exquisite resorts is definitely the best holiday idea. You can do adventurous water sports, scuba diving, surfing and sipping the coconuts as you intake fresh air in this laid back and relaxed country. 

8- Republic of Georgia:

Not known to many, the Republic of Georgia is located between Western Asia and Easter Europe region of Eurasia. This environmentally healthy country with clean air and full of greenery is filled with pleasant surprises and interesting tourist spots that included medieval fortresses, captivating mountains, rocky beaches and ancient archeological sites dating back to 5th century. Read about how to manage your finance while travelling.

9- Romania:

Romania is Southeastern European country which has set of unique and amazing tourist’s sites that include Mud Volcanoes, the statue of Decebalus, the Sighisoara region which is one of its own kinds in the world with fortified walls, colored houses, birthplace of Dracula and most preserved medieval fortified town in the world. 


The unique architectural sites, ancient cobblestones, majestic forests, Carpathian waterfalls and Roman Churches are Ukraine’s peculiar tourist features. Ukraine is abundant in natural beauty and diversity of landscape, there is so much to explore in this charming country. 

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