Camping at Lahooti Melo

Camping at Lahooti Melo


Get you mind blown by experiencing interesting poetry and art at the Lahooti melo 2020!


Lahooti Melo is a music and arts festival being held at Mehran University, Jamshoro. This year, FMA gives you the opportunity to experience camping with your friends and family under the open sky for this 3-day festival.FMA Tent City is providing camping on a 3-people sharing basis for the nights of 14th February and 15th February. FMA Tent City will be located on festival grounds and provides you 24/7 access to the festival activities, food courts, and performances.

Forget the hassle of looking for accommodation around Jamshoro and book a once-in-a-lifetime experience of camping.

Detailed Plan:

  1. 06:00 pm Arrival at Mehran University Jamshoro
  2. Enjoy Festival, Music, Talk Show Star Gazing
  3. Overnight Stay
  4. 03:00 pm Leave from the campsite.


Tour Categories

Camping, Family, Festivals, Culture, Youth, Others

Important Information:

Package Include::

  1. Camps (3 Person Sharing)
  2. Sleeping Mattress
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Camping
  5. Sightseeing
  6. Insurance

Cost does not include::

  1. Transportation
  2. Food (dedicated food court on-site for self buy)

Recommended Gear::

  1. Water bottle
  2. Handwash/soap/sanitizer, wipes, toothpaste and all other necessities
  3. Sun Block and Sunglasses

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