Travel Agencies in Pakistan | List of Travel Agents in Pakistan 2023

List of Travel Agents in Pakistan 2023

Top Travel Agents in Pakistan

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Travel Agents in different Cities of Pakistan

Travel agencies are a need of every country and a medium of traveling from one country to another without any disturbances. The people who work in travel agencies are called travel agents. These travel agents work for sending people authentically from one country to the other for various purposes such as seeking education, doing business in a foreign country, having international and national trips and tours, Umrah and Hajj travel, etc. Get best Hajj and Umrah packages 2023.
The travel agencies save your money and time because they are experts in making arrangements for clients for their stay in foreign countries or regions. Otherwise, if the same struggle is done without a travel agent, it will take a lot of time and money because foreign hotel booking and other things could have higher prices for an individual without a travel agency.
Travel Agents send people in the shape of individuals as well as groups. Travel Agents purposes include giving consultancy on foreign education, trips, and tourism, plan trips and acknowledge clients about various Destinations, travel guides, travel arrangements, organizing the satisfactory departure and arrival of their clients from one country to the other. 
If you are traveling from one country to other first time, you are specially advised to get the service of an approved travel agency because they can guide you from all aspects and can assist you in every matter related to your transportation from one country to another such as Visa procedure, flight tickets, transport (from airport to your hotel), hotel accommodation in foreign country, travel guidance, medical first aid and much more.
A responsible travel agency has a determination to face the situation if their client is caught into any problem. There are several types of travel agencies working for different purposes of traveling from one country to another such as business traveling, tour traveling, etc. There are 6 types of travel agents:
  1. Independent Travel Agents
  2. Online Travel Agents
  3. Visitor Information Centers
  4. Hotel and Concierge Services
  5. Inbound Tour Operators
  6. Global Distribution Systems

List of Best Travel Agencies in Pakistan 2023:

There are several approved travel agencies in Pakistan assisting their clients to take a visit to other countries. All the travel agencies 2023 of Pakistan are now available online along with their contact numbers and email addresses.
Travel agencies of Pakistan mainly work to send students to foreign universities (for education in MBBS, MPhil, Ph.D., Post Ph.D., etc.), offer inbound and international trips and tours, provide Umrah and Hajj Packages along with all assistance, and some other purposes. provides information about all the registered/ approved travel agencies situated in every city of Pakistan.
You can find the details of various travel agents available in all cities of Pakistan. The list of travel agents available in each is provided address and services are listed in front of their name. Services of travel agencies include Visa procedure, airline ticket, transport facility, hotel arrangement, travel guidance, food, medical facility, and some others.
You will need to buy a package offered by them through which you will lead a successful journey. Before processing for your Visa, Travel agency will ask you to provide the required documents for your journey and fee of the package. Then if your visa application is approved, you will be issued a Visa of a certain duration. Then you can start preparing for your journey. Read how to save money during a trip.
There has been a significant rise of tour operators in Pakistan in few years. Pakistani travel agencies 2023 offer online as well as offline ways of booking travel packages. These online travel agencies are available on and can be contacted through us. Below are the details of Pakistan Travel Agency Peshawar, Sargodha Travel Agency Phone Numbers and Pakistan Travel Agency for Umrah in Multan

Travel Agents in Karachi Contacts Numbers:

Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan. Many travel agencies in Karachi offer best and reliable services along with tour packages and Umrah packages at cheapest prices. You can book the Umrah Packages with flight ticket from Karachi travel agencies online. They serve for at least 7 hours out of 24 each day.
Each travel agency offers packages of different qualities. So, there may be difference in their charges also. Travel agencies will accompany you until your work is done. Some travel agencies may offer all services, and some may lack some offers according to your chosen package of tour, umrah, Hajj or personal visit to another country.

Travel Agents in Lahore with Contact Numbers | Address:

Lahore is the 2nd most populous city of Pakistan. Several travel agencies are offering their services in Lahore. Travel agencies may differ in services, fees, and duration of their offered packages. Travel Agents in Lahore offer many packages, visa procedures, discounted hotel rooms, cheap flights, discounted travel prices and trips to the top destinations of the world.
All the approved tour operators/travel agencies are available here. Have a consultancy or discussion about the cheapest tour packages and cheapest Umrah packages online. They will suggest you the quality packages matching your budget.

Contact Numbers of Travel Agents in Islamabad:

Islamabad is the national capital city of Pakistan. It is also home to several travel agencies that provide efficient services. Islamabad travel agencies 2023 provide tour packages, Hajj and Umrah packages, assistance in Visa, flight ticket booking and much more. These experienced travel agencies in Pakistan offer vacation tours, tours for foreign countries, and can even design an Umrah package for you in which all services will be compatible with your wish

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel agents:

Do you save money using a travel agent?

Travel agents help their clients to save their time and money. They help them to access discounted Fares and Stays. They also help their client to protect their Investment. Travel agents help their clients to Score Perks and Upgrades.  They help them to avoid surprise expenses.

Is it cheaper to hire a travel agent?

Yes, it is cheaper to book through a travel agent. Some agents charge you a nominal planning fee, many agencies do not charge anything extra for their services. When you book on your own, you could be locked in on the price. The biggest difference is time. According to Expedia, Americans spend nearly 23 hours on travel websites six weeks before booking a vacation. the right decision is that let a travel agent do the work for you.

What is the average commission for a travel agent?

The average commission for a travel agent is  7% – 8% with host agencies working with self-sufficient agencies. Independent travel agent's average commission is 90% – 100%  are usually high-volume seasoned agents that require little to no support from the host agency.

Do you have to pay to see a travel agent?

Not all but some traveling agents charge their clients a fee to see a travel agent. This fee is separate from trip expenses, and that may range from $100 to $500 and up. That fee can be charged upfront as a security deposit and can either be returned to you at the end of the planning process or, more commonly, applied to the cost of the trip itself

How can I become a travel agent in Pakistan?

 If you want to become a travel agent, Firstly you choose your niche. then Find some great partners that are related to your niche. After this build your Marketplace. Then  You Adapt to your target market.  As there is much competition in this field so you should Shout louder than the competition. the most important thing is  "Don't let your customers down". In Pakistan, you will need an official license from the Department of Tourist Services which is DTS. However, with massive advancement in the Tourism Industry, there are more opportunities to become a Travel Agent.


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