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Updated: April 2024

It’s a trip, a wedding or a corporate need; get the latest cars on rent in Pakistan with great services and amazingly low prices. Our network of rental cars across Pakistan provides you instant quotes and accessibility for latest models. You can even book your cars from outside of country. Major car rental options in Pakistan include:

  1. Daily car rentals with driver and without driver
  2. Hourly rent a car with or without driver
  3. Long term car rentals with or without driver

Regarding the make and models of cars, we provide you extensive variety from latest models or old ones and from economy cars to the luxury ones. So, there is a great chance we’ll be able to meet your budget in one way or the other. You can always reach us on phone and whatsapp to discuss your car rental requirements and instant help along the way.

Your car broke down, and you are late for an important business meeting and are thinking of ways of making justifiable excuses for your boss? Don’t let this condition fall upon you as you can easily avoid it by getting services of car rent in Pakistan

Many people of Lahore and other cities have the assumption that that rent a car in pakistan Lahore requires loads of cash and investment and has very long and difficult processing procedure. But the reality is the opposite as these days business of online rent a car in Pakistan has become user friendly.

Rent A Car Business In Pakistan:

You can easily make extra safe cash and legitimate income source by renting out your car and earning extra cash from your spare vehicles that are not frequently used by you or household. Car rental companies provide safe and legitimate income to car owners who provide their cars and drivers for rent a car in Pakistan Islamabad.

Rental Car Pricing in Pakistan 2024:

Rental car companies of Pakistan provide various rental car prices depending upon the rental car model, condition, mileage, size, features and other factors that have to be considered when providing rent a car price Islamabad Pakistan.

Car on Rent Services in Karachi for Tours:

You can easily make a living by providing your car for rental services to various car rental companies and Pakistan tour companies which will pay your certain fixed amount at the end of the agreement for availing the services of rent a car in Pakistan Karachi.

You can provide your car on rent for short-term and long-term periods depending upon the availability of your vehicle and agreement terms concerning fuel, maintenance, insurance, and driver availability.

Rental Car Earning in Pakistan:

Earning from the rental car business depends on the type of agreement you make with the rental car company for a fixed amount of time or a month. The agreement can vary according to your provided services like if you provide additional services like personal driver along with the car; providing best value and services concerning rent a car in Pakistan Peshawar price.

Rental Car Services 2024 in Lahore | Islamabad Rent a Car Services:

You must make sure the rental car your provide to rental car companies is insured and will cover all expenses incurred related to car damages or theft. People who wish to make their travel easier can easily do so through car rental services 2024 for their vacation trips, family trips and business trips by buying car package concerning rent a car islamabad to Lahore.

Starting Car Rental Business:

If you are daring and can affort taking risks and have some business experience, you can also start your online Pakistan rent a car business. You will need to have good contacts with used car dealers to provide people services. Having very good business relationships with leading car manufacturers and having assurance for buying the rental cars back at a good price will go a long way. 

You must be willing to maintain a fleet of rental cars, including budget cars, Sedans, vans, 4x4 jeeps, and luxury cars, while also bearing their annual expenses like maintenance, fuel costs, depreciation costs, or driver costs.

Car Rent in Pakistan :

You must ensure that the car you wish to obtain for your weekend, month, or whole year does not break down when you need it most, so therefore always check rental car condition, mileage, model or get it checked by a trusted mechanic before renting the car.

It is also recommended to go through all rental car company history and customer reviews and determine whether the company is trustworthy and not involved in scamming or fraudulent activity when you wish to Lahore rent a car.

Best Rental Car Companies in Pakistan:

People can easily get confused regarding getting the best deal and prices for rental cars. Still, they need not worry as you will be guided for obtaining the best packages when inquiring aboutGujrat rent a car price.

People of Islamabad who want to rent a car in Pakistan Islamabad city will surely find our company recommendations very helpful. Car rental involves making good decision based on your available budget and family needs, so you need to take into account company ratings, car model, car capacity, car milage, car durability and customer reviews in order to make good decisions.

Making the right and recommended choice for renting is very important as it can make or break your case if someone depends on you and you cannot deliver on their promise leading to some serious embarrassment or missed opportunity when you need it the most.

It is recommended to also look out for various important key factors like choosing reliable, trustworthy and highly rated company for your car rental needs for short or long term basis as you will be spending your hard earned money on car rent so make your decision concerning online rent a car in Pakistan count.


How much does it cost to rent a car in Pakistan?

Renting a car in Pakistan costs users from Rs.2500 upto Rs. 30,000 per day depending upon the car and package selected

Why do you need to rent a car in Pakistan?

People often need cars on rent during important business or family events like annual business meeting, wedding function, company trip etc.

How much does it cost to rent a Land Cruiser in Pakistan?

Renting a land cruiser can cost from Rs. 14000 per day up to Rs.30,000 depending upon the model selected

How can I book a car in Pakistan?

Please go to our rent a car section and select your vehicle you wish to rent and click on book now.

What kind of cars are available for rent a car in Pakistan?

All kinds of cars ranging from budget cars to luxury cars are available.

For what time period are rent a cars available?

Rental cars are available for rent on hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly agreement basis.

Do you have to pay security deposit to the rental business for getting rental car?

Yes some initial advance or security deposit is required for getting car on rent in Pakistan.

Do rental car companies provide driver facility for their rent a car?

Yes, rental car companies do provide the facility of driver for their customer on their request.

What are required requirements for getting rental car services?

Customers need to have valid Pakistan ID card, valid driver license, customer account through online registration and initial security deposit.

What car is recommended for economy or budget category for daily commute needs?

Suzuki Alto VXL, Suzuki Cultus VXL, Toyota Vitz,Suzuki Wagon R VXL, Dhaihatsu Mira are the recommended cars for economy or budget class.

What car is recommended for Executive or sedan section?

Toyota Corolla Xli, Honda Civic X, Honda City Aspire, Hyundai Elantra GLS, Toyota Yaris XLi are the recommended cars for executive class.

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