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Welcome to the site of information about flight services in is a reliable website of Pakistan where you can book flights online after searching on Flight Search Portal. In results, it will show you all available flights of your likely tour. There will be several flights of a single airline scheduled differently. Also, some may have stop difference i.e.non-stop flights,one stop flights,two stop flights and so on. If you want to get to your journey as soon as possible, then the best choice is non-stop flight or at least one stop flight which stops for a minimum time duration at its stop. And the benefit of flights having one or more stops is that you can visit multiple countries in less time which makes your journey more joyful.

Every Airline offers several flights monthly, either non-stop or one-stop, or with additional stops. Let's start to discuss Domestic and International Airlines working in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights:

What are domestic and international flights?

A flight stays among constant countries, whereas an international flight arrives in an exceedingly different country. ... If your landing destination is outside the USA's borders, then you are on an international flight.

How many are international and domestic airports in Pakistan?

There are estimated 151 airfields in Pakistan. Primary international airports square measure placed in the city, national capital, and Lahore.

Are the flights open in Pakistan?

Regular domestic flight operations have resumed from/to the big cities in Pakistan. All flights are also subject to change. Please contact the PIA office in your town or call our helpline at +92-21-111-786-786 for more info and booking.

What countries does PIA fly to?

INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS Whether you would like to enjoy the splendor of the fashion capital of the world or go on a shopping spree at the best malls, PIA can fly you there!

Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Canada,Denmark, China,France,Iraq,India,Italy, Japan,Malaysia,Norway,Oman,Qatar ,Saudi Arabia,Spain,Thailand,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom

Flights Schedule in Pakistan:

Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airline from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

Turkish Airline is Turkey's state airline that operates regular flights to Karachi & the national capital. From Europe, Turkish Airlines is sometimes the simplest affiliation to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Turkish Airline Most Convenient affiliation for Scandinavian countries, i.e., Suomi - Norway - Scandinavian nation - Scandinavian nation.

Call America for brand new pressing tickets and airfares +92-343-0625088 (Only new tickets) For change please contact Turkish Airline directly.


Routing Economy Class Fare for Diplomat Business Class Fare for Diplomat

Islamabad Istanbul

Helsinki Istanbul Islamabad

PKR: 99,618/- PKR: 209,758/-

Islamabad Istanbul

Oslo Istanbul Islamabad

PKR: 99,822/- PKR: 209,962/-


Istanbul Islamabad

PKR: 100,081/- PKR: 210,221/-

Islamabad Istanbul


Istanbul Islamabad

PKR: 100,451/- PKR: 210,591/-
  • Fly Dubai
  • Oman Air
  • SalamAir
  • Airblue
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Gulf Air

Popular routes from Pakistan to Dubai;

  • Karachi to Dubai
  • Lahore to Dubai
  • Peshawar to Dubai
  • Multan to Dubai
  • Islamabad to Dubai
  • Quetta to Dubai
  • Faisalabad to Dubai
  • Sialkot to Dubai
  • Rahim Yar Khan to Dubai
  • Turbat to Dubai

Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways schedules from Qatar to Pakistan:

City Name Flight Duration Time


2h 25 Minuts


3h 10 Minuts


3h 15 Minuts


3h 20 Minuts


3h 40 Minuts

Flight from Pakistan to UK:

Pakistan to UK flight data The cheapest flight from West Pakistan to UK is from urban center to London, with airfares beginning at PKR 87923.61. The quickest flight from West Pakistan to UK is from urban center to London, with a mean flight time of 7h 10m .The most in style airlines flying from West Pakistan to uk area unit Pegasus Airlines, Fly Dubai, SriLankan Airlines .Get flights from ISB to LON.The most in style town destinations in UK area unit London, Manchester, Birmingham. Flights from Lahore to Manchester.

Flight from Pakistan to Italy:

Pakistan to Italy flight data:

The quickest flight from an Asian country to Italy is from the national capital to Milano, with a median flight time of 8h 55m

The foremost well-liked airlines flying from an Asian country to Italy are Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, Oman Air

The foremost well-liked town destinations in Italy are Rome, Milan, Bologna.

PIA Flights update:

As you're all aware, thanks to matters of the worldwide COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) occurrence, our regular flight operations are affected. We tend to area units in the process of a restricted variety of flights throughout this era. These flights are a unit subject to approvals from the government. Of Pakistan, and from various countries' governments and relevant authorities. We tend to be a unit operating closely with rules and aim to step by step back to regular operations as presently as circumstances enable.

PIA Contact Center is functioning around the clock to retort all your queries and considerations; however, thanks to the high volume of incoming calls, we perceive that several calls could also be left unanswered. We tend to request you to join forces with the North American nation kindly, and if you are not traveling within the next forty-eight hours, please wait and decide on the North American country once more later. We are going to do our greatest to facilitate you as per your expectations. If you've reserved your seat through your agent, please contact them directly.

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