Umrah Packages from Pakistan, Best Umrah Package Deals for Economy and Star Packages

Hajj & Umrah

Agent Package Type Includes Double Room Triple Room Quad Room
5 Star
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3 Star
156000 PKR 144000 PKR 136000 PKR
2 Star
115500 PKR 94500 PKR 77700 PKR
3 Star
203700 PKR 161700 PKR 136500 PKR
2 Star
111300 PKR 86100 PKR 73500 PKR
3 Star
168000 PKR 136500 PKR 115500 PKR
4 Star
264600 PKR 224700 PKR 199500 PKR
5 Star
344400 PKR 266700 PKR 233100 PKR
3 Star
148000 PKR 137500 PKR 126000 PKR
5 Star
140000 PKR 125000 PKR 111000 PKR

Best Umrah Packages 2021

  • 11 Days Umrah Package (5 star)

    RS: 165000
  • 21 Days Umrah Package

    RS: 131000
  • 2 Star Ramzan Shawwal Umrah Package

    RS: 77700
  • 3 Star Ramzan Shawwal Umrah Package

    RS: 136500

Umrah is an Islamic non-compulsory but a highly recommended pilgrimage. Muslims perform Umrah to make repentance for their sins, increase in righteousness and ask Allah to fulfill their wishes. The central locations for performing Umrah are Makkah and Madinah. Muslims can perform Umrah on any day of the year. Umrah takes less time than Hajj, not more than 4 to 6 hours.
In Umrah, Muslims in Ihram state, perform the Tawaf of Ka’bah (circling 7 times around the Ka’bah), then perform Sa’ee (walking 7 times on and between the hills of Safa and Marwah) and then Qasar/ Halaq (shortening the hair). When you perform these 4 acts devotedly, your Umrah is submitted and you can now get out of the Ihram and do other deeds which were prohibited to do in the state of Ihram.
There are a number of Umrah Packages on which include all the facilities and quality services. Booking an Umrah Package has been so easy than it had been never before. Just you can pick up the contact number and book your Umrah Package online while sitting at home. Get 2 star Umrah package in 2021.

Umrah Packages Pakistan 2021:

Umrah Packages Pakistan are a collection of those services and facilities which you need to get fulfilled for going to Umrah. A variety of Umrah Packages such as 5 Star, 4 Star, etc. has been made available for the easy access of clients. Now you can read all the details about the services and economy Umrah packages without flight before you purchase a package. Get your Umrah Package from any of the Approved travel agencies of Pakistan.
28 days Umrah package have been very famous among Pakistani Muslims. The majority of Muslims find these packages suitable for them to travel to Saudi Arabia. Still confused about how to choose the best Umrah package? Just search the package on our search portal according to your budget and get the best deals on affordable prices!

Biometric from Etimad Center:

Biometric, like passport, is mandatory to apply for Umrah Visa now. You need to get an online appointment for Biometric for Umrah from the official website of Etimad. Choose the nearest Etimad office for your Biometric for umrah. Please keep in mind that the Etimad fee for Biometric with the online appointment is just about 1000 PKR, while if you go for Biometric without an online appointment, they will charge you more than 1400 PKR.
Etimad Biometric Appointment is a facility for Pakistani people who want their procedure in sequence. Without an appointment, you may need to stand in a row with many other people waiting for their time to get Biometric done. After your Biometric is done, you will be given a Biometric Report of Etimad which you will need while applying for Umrah Visa.

Umrah Tickets Prices in Pakistan 2021:

5 star Umrah package can be purchased from any official website of an airline if you have got the Umrah Package without a flight ticket. Confirmed non-refundable Umrah tickets and proof of hotel accommodation are mandatory to apply for Umrah Visa. Booking of Umrah ticket has been online, so it doesn’t take long to buy a ticket. You will have to pay the ticket price through an online payment system.
There are dozens of airlines that offer Umrah tickets. They send flights for Umrah from Pakistani international airports to mainly Jeddah or Madinah. Some send direct Umrah Flights while others have one-stop. PIA flights for Umrah are mostly the non-stop Umrah flights. The rules of Zamzam water allowance and free luggage allowance may also vary between airlines. Your Umrah ticket will have free luggage information written over it.


New Umrah Visa from Pakistan 2021:

The next thing is getting a Visa. Travel agencies mainly provide this facility that you will just have to pay the New Umrah Visa Fee Saudi Arabia and they will proceed with all other processes associated with Umrah Visa issuance. Your Visa will be issued in 2 to 3 weeks. For this, you will have to hand over your original passport to the travel agent. Although you cannot do business/ work/ study on Umrah Visa, you can travel to any city of Saudi Arabia after you performed the Umrah.
A new system of Electronic Umrah Visa or Umrah E Visa has been introduced by Saudi Arabia. Now you can apply for Hajj and Umrah online on their official website of Hajj and Umrah. You can pay the fee through Credit Card or Debit Card. Then you will have to access any approved travel agency to buy the packages having hotel accommodation, transport, etc. which is also a rule for Visa for Saudi Arabia.
Another way to apply for Umrah Visa is that you purchase only Umrah Visa from any approved travel agency and do all other arrangements by yourself such as getting a flight ticket, hotel reservation, food, etc. This Umrah Visa without package can also be proceeded by filling offline Umrah Visa Application Form and directly accessing the Embassy/ consulate of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.
Now the validity of Umrah Visa has been increased from 14 Days to 30 Days. Pilgrims can now have more time to perform Umrah easily, do Ziarat of the sacred places of Makkah and Madinah and tour the other cities of Saudi Arabia also. Before the validity expires, pilgrims need to return back through the same airport from where they arrived.

Frequently Asked Questions about Umrah from Pakistan:

How many days do you need for Umrah?

If we talk about Umrah performance so only the minimum time is required will be 3 to 6 hours, based on different only one day you can perform worship .but there is no any package for one day Umrah. You can get package of one week or seven days for staying on holy land.

What are the benefits of Umrah?

The best benefit of umrah is that you will be rewarded. The first reward will be that you are going to be the guest of Allah. The second will be poverty removal. The third will be that sins will be forgiven means there will be expiation of sins. Fourth is that Umrah will be equal to jihad for some Muslims. It refreshes faiths of Muslims and is an opportunity to pray for what you need.

What are the rules of Umrah?

There are two key rituals which are performed during is tawaf and other is sa’i.Tawaf is known to be circling or walk around the is adviced for men that the first three circuits should be done in speed pace and followed by the four circuits in relaxed pace.after that Sa’I happens that is between Safa and Marwah  which is in the Great Mosque of Mecca,. Pilgrimage is concluded with halq (short or partial shorting of hair). 

Which month is cheapest for Umrah?

The best time to perform Umrah is after hajj, which is April, May and December holidays. Hostels and other accommodations will be available in cheapest prices.

How much is umrah package?

If we talk about economy Umrah package so it is cheapest. 150,000 PKR is nearly the start for 25 days in 5 star. 4 star cost will start from 132,000 PKR and that will be for 15 days. The 3 start cost for 15 days will be approximately around 120,000 PKR.

How much does it cost to go to Umrah from USA?

The cost of  Saudi Arabia Umrah e-Visa with also processing can come up to USD 162.00 and that will be for standard processing. Rush processing will USD 187.00 and that will be total including e-visa. If you want to go for super rush processing so it will cost you USD 212. 

How much is umrah UK?

Umrah packages varies according days you live. Like in one package you can get 10 nights package in only  £795/PP and that is economy. And on the other hand you can get seven nights five star Ramadan umrah package in £1185/PP , so there are different packages with different prices.

What is the cost of Umrah from Pakistan?

Umrah packages are chepeast if we talk about economy. 150,000 PKR is for 25 days in 5 star . 132,000 PKR in 4 star for 15 days and 120,000 PKR in 3 star for 15 days

How can I get Umrah visa from Pakistan?

The applicant should have nadra id card and passport validity of almost 6 moths and that should be prior to departure. There should be two empty visa pages in passport for further processing.

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