Trips.pk makes every possible effort to create a great customer experience for all the services we provided. However, there are certain situations where refund scenarios may arise due to customer’s requirements or on part of Trips.pk. This document explains our refund policy for various services.

Flight Bookings

Every flight booking comes with a refund policy as indicated by the fare chosen. The information about the refund policy is always shown to customers in the Booking Conditions note. The Booking Conditions note indicates the amount of the refund possible if any and any deductions to be accounted for.
In case a customer applies for a refund, it will take up to 30 working days to get the refund processed.

Travel Insurance

In case a customer wants to get the refund for issued travel insurance, following conditions will be applied:
1. Refund can be applied at least 3 days before the insurance duration start date and there will be 50% deduction of the initial paid amount.
2. If any insurance is issued and customer wants to cancel it within 24 hours, there will be 30% service charges. Only remaining 70% will be paid back to customer.
3. Insurance refund processing time can be up to 15 working days.

Hotel Bookings

When a customer books a hotel, the Booking Conditions indicate all the relevant conditions for the selected room and hotel. These booking conditions contain information on the deadline of cancellation date and time. A customer can request a cancellation of a hotel by that date and time and get the refund processed within 7 working days. However, some rooms/hotels don’t provide any cancellation which is also notified in the Booking Conditions already. In such cases, no refund will be provided.


All the visas are non-refundable. We don’t work on don-basis for visa.
So, any processing fee you pay for visas will not be refundable.

Tour Packages

We have mentioned refund policy for each tour in their respective description. You can also ask our agents to help you understand it or find it.
As a general rule, you can request a refund till the cancellation deadline. After the cancellation deadline is passed, there will be no refund. For eligible refunds to process, there will be 15 working days timeline.

Umrah Packages

For umrah packages, there is no refunds for Umrah visas.
For umrah packages, flight booking refunds will be governed by flight Booking Conditions as outlined in the above Flights section.
For umrah packages, hotel booking refunds will be governed by hotel Booking Conditions as outlined in the above Hotels section.

Further Information

We encourage you to talk to our online support team via whatsapp 03111555980 or through email at infor@trips.pk to understand any ambiguity in our refund policies.