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4 Days Special trip to Chillam Joshi Festival 2023 Chitral valley and Kalash valley

PKR. 21000 PKR. 23000
Duration: 4 days
Departure: Kalash ValleyOn Request
Included: Bonfire Night with music and activities
Highlights: Bomburet, Kalasha Chilam Joshi Festival, Karakal village to see festival celebrations, Dur Museum and graveyard

7 Days Eid Special Tour to Skardu and Basho Village

PKR. 29000
Duration: 7 days
Departure: SkarduOn Request
Highlights: Hazara Motorway, Naran, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Chilas, Jaglot, Mountain Junction, Nanga Parbat View, Skardu,

5 Days Special Eid Tour to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat

PKR. 23000
Duration: 5 days
Departure: Fairy MeadowsOn Request
Included: 4 dinners and 5 Breakfast
Highlights: Balakot / Kiwai, Naran and Batakundi, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Chillas, Raikot to tattu Village, Fairy Meadows, Nanga ...

5 Days Eid Special Tour to Hunza and Naltar Valley

PKR. 22500
Duration: 5 days
Departure: HunzaOn Request
Highlights: Besham, Dasu, Summar Nalla, Khanpur dam, Chilas, Attabad Tunnel, Attabad Lake, Rakaposhi View Point, Khunjerab Pak-China ...

3 Days Eid Special Tour to Kalam and Malam Jabba

PKR. 14000
Duration: 3 days
Departure: KalamOn Request
Included: Accommodation, Conveyance, Sightseeing, Food.
Highlights: Swat, Behrain, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Zip line, Mountains, lakes, River, Ushu Forest.

8 Days Long Tour to Hunza and Skardu Valley

PKR. 30000
Duration: 8 days
Departure: SkarduOn Request
Included: Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Tour Guide, Photography.
Highlights: Balakot, Chillas, Skardu, Astak Nala, Shangrila resort, Kachura, Cold Desert, Basb e Shigar, Shigar Royal Fort, Manthoka ...
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Tour Packages In Pakistan:

Are you planning to arrange the best tour in Pakistan for this summer season or the coming seasons? Well, this is a great idea. If in this hurly-burly life someone can find the time for tourism or recreational activities then nothing is better than this opportunity. Well, if you have decided and in search of some authentic resources that can help you leading your tour successfully then you are invited by to get the best Pakistan tour packages 2023. 


Find The Best Tourist Attractions In Pakistan: 

First of all, you are offered an idea that what are the best tourist attractions in Pakistan. Pakistan is replete with so many beautiful places that it would be difficult to list all the tourist attractions on a single page. However, we have searched and discussed top destinations located in Pakistan and are mean to attract the attention of visitors not only from Pakistan but throughout the world: 

1. Tourist Attractions In Punjab:  

Those who want to explore Punjab and want to emerge in the Punjabi culture, Lahore walled city is first of all the main recommendation for them. However, there are several other historical places such as Badshahi Masjid, Lahore fort, Shalamar Bagh, and some options are also available. Find out the best lahore tour packages today to make your dream to explore Lahore possible. Get Lahore Ariel Joy Ride packages.


2. Tourist Attractions in KPK: 

The province KPK is considered as the peace of heaven on earth and this is all because of the scenic views of the province. Throughout the province, we find valleys (Swat Valley and Kalash valley), plains (Deosai Plans), lakes (Saiful Malook and Attabad), mountains ranges (KPK peaks and Tirich Mir), rivers (Kunhar), and many more. We have arranged and offered many tours such as naran kaghan tour packages, murree tour packages, and some others by following which you can easily explore the best tourists’ spots in KPK.  


3. Tourist Attractions In Kashmir :

The scenic and breathtaking views are available in Kashmir, the example of them you can never find anywhere else in the world. Neelum valley is the main tourist spot. However, there are several other awesome sights are available to explore. Best tour packages for Nellum valley.


4. Tourist Attractions In Sindh:

While counting the awesome tourist attractions in Pakistan, Sindh does also not neglectable. The province offers spots such as Mohen Jo Daro, Shah Jahan Mosque, Sukkur Barrage, Gorakh Hill Station, and many others. Best hill station tour packages.


5. Tourist Attractions In Baluchistan: 

Wadi e Bolan, Hannah Lake, and many other tourist attractions are available in Baluchistan province. You can find the cheap and safest tours to explore Baluchistan province whenever you want.  


Tourism Trends In Pakistan: 

Pakistani people do not want to lose any charm of their life. There are several occasions are celebrated in Pakistan and during most of the celebrations, Pakistani people spend vacations through several tourism packages in Pakistan. For the summer season, you can select specific places. However, the specific spots that can be visited only in the winter season are also available. Moreover, for newly married couples, a lot of honeymoon attractions are also available that you can find from the given honeymoon tour packages in Pakistan. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Tour in Pakistan

How much it cost for Pakistan tour?
The cost depends upon the nature of the tour. You are offered a general idea that if you are going to explore the main northern areas of Pakistan then for a single person the travel cost is around PKR 20,000/-. 
Which tour package is best?
It depends upon the time as well as budget availability. If you want to make a single-day trip then Islamabad tour packages are best for you. However, if you have enough days and a budget then make a long tour. 
What is the best time to visit the northern areas of Pakistan?
In the summer season, you can visit between May and July. However, for the winter season, the best time to visit is between September and November.  

Worldwide Tour Packages:

Every year a large number of traveling fonder set a tour goal and complete it. The tourism activities of tourists depend upon their area of interest. Some people want to go to the top of the mountains, some people are beach lovers and spend their summer on the sandy beaches, some people want to go on an ocean journey, some people want to explore the busy bazaars, some have the wish to go to the desert, and some people want to move towards the plains, etc. Here you can find a variety of World tour packages to make your 2023 journey awesome and memorable.  


Find The Best Tourist Attractions In The World:

Here we would like to give you suggestions that what are the best places for you to explore the world. Well, those who want to explore ancient Islamic history and also have the wish to spend their vacations among the kind people they must go through the Turkey tour packages
However, those who want to explore the unique culture and infrastructure along with the loving people and breathtaking views of beaches and mountainous houses then Europe is the best choice for them. You can check out all the available Europe tour packages from Pakistan here. 
Those who are looking for the cheapest 2023 world tour packages or are in search of the countries that are offered Pakistanis an easy or free visa are advised to search for some Asian countries. Among the Asian countries, the country that offers wonderful sights to explore at a reasonable cost is the Maldives. The Maldives is also the best recommendation for honeymoon tour packages. You are suggested to find the best Maldives honeymoon packages here.
When it comes to talking about the easy and cheap tour Packages near Pakistan, then we can never forget about Dubai. For Dubai lovers, the best recommendations are desert safari Dubai, Dubai beaches, and wonderful shopping plazas. You can find a variety of Dubai city tour packages to make this year memorable for you. Get best tour packages to desert safari from Pakistan.
Among the Asian tourist attractions, Bali is another most recommended place. It is located in Indonesia and offers the charms of beaches, mountains, and forests, etc. You can plan Bali tour packages for several purposes and activities. Most noticeable packages the honeymoon packages. Contact us today and book the best Bali honeymoon tour packages.  

Frequently Asked Questions for World Tour

What is the cost of a world tour package?
The cost of the world tour package depends upon the destination. If you are going to travel to the countries that offer free entry are comparatively cheap than the rest fo the destinations.  
What type of clothes should I pack for world tour?
Your dress code also depends upon the destination. You are on the summer vacations to spend on the beaches then you can carry normal summer clothes such as shorts and t-shirts with you. However, for low-temperature destinations, you are recommended to carry warm clothes with you. 
What Is the best time for a world tour?  
The best time for you to travel on normal days. Because during the special days such as New Year and some other special events you will get expensive flights and expensive tour packages.  


Book Your Tours Today:

Here at we help tourists to find the best tour packages. Here you can find the potential tour packages in Pakistan as well as the world tour packages. You can find already planned tours. However, you can also arrange the tour packages according to your availability. For all other consultancy contact us today and plan your tour under the supervision of the professional consultants. 



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