Visa Consultancy Terms of Service

Trips.pk helps you organize, document and apply for your desired visa. The visa of any country is always issued by the embassy or the consulate of the respective country. There is no way Trips.pk can influence the visa decision of the embassy or consulate.

Here are some general terms that you must understand before hiring our consultancy services:

  1. Documentation
    Our team will advise you on what documents you should get for the visa application. There are certain documents that you might already have such as CNIC, Passport, etc. But in certain cases, you may need to get documents from banks or other organizations. In such cases, Trips.pk will provide you guidance only but you’ll have to get these documents yourself from respective organization.
  2. Application
    Once you provide all the required documents according to our guidance, our team will start the visa application process.

    For different countries, there are different application procedures. Trips.pk will guide you on that. For some countries, online applications are acceptable and you don’t have to do anything as the online application filing is done professionally by our team to avoid any mistakes. However, in for some country visas such as Schengen, Australia, US, etc., you might need to physically appear at the time of document submission or biometrics. This step is unavoidable and our team will communicate you details on when to appear for the document submission/biometrics.
  3. Visa Appointments
    For those countries that requite physical appearance, there is an appointment system. For some countries such as Schengen, US, etc, there may be a huge time gap till an appointment can be arranged. That delay is not the responsibility of Trips.pk team. You can check with us prior to your visa application process about the tentative wait-time for a specific country’s visa appointment.
  4. Timelines
    Visa timelines keep changing based on the application load on an embassy. You can ask for the visa timelines from Trips.pk before you apply for a country visa. There are also variable timelines for visa appointment.

As a general rule, always apply in advance with ample time to spare because visa processing times fluctuate very often.


  1. Visa Decision
    Trips.pk does not guarantee any visa in any circumstances. Visa acceptance/rejection decisions are taken by respective embassy only. Our job is to make sure your application is filed in time and in the most accurate way possible. The better application preparation by Trips.pk gives you better changes of visa success but visa acceptance is never guaranteed.
  2. Charges
    You have to pay for visa charges at the start of the visa process. Our team will guide you on the latest pricing for visa. The charges for visa are categorized in two segments:
    1. Official Fees: This is the fee that embassy or visa application centers charge
    2. Filing & Consultancy: This is the fee that Trips.pk charge for guidance and processing help.
  3. Refund
    There are no refunds for visa charges or consultancy fee. The only condition that you can get a refund is if your visa had not been applied.
  4. Support & Contacts
    For any queries or questions, talk to our support team before applying a visa via Trips.pk
    Our contact number is: +92-343-0625088




Umrah Packages Terms of Service

At Trips.pk we provide Umrah packages for Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan or abroad. Our specialty in Umrah services allow us to provide best possible options at very competitive pricing. Below, you’ll find all the terms and condition that will take effect in case you buy an umrah package as a whole or as partial service from us.

  1. Umrah Visa
    Umrah visa is authorized by Saudi Arabian ministry of foreign affairs. As a travel service provider, our job is to submit your visa application to the above ministry.
    1. Visa is mostly issued with 2-10 days.
    2. Above timeline is for regular situations. In case of any public holidays, political situations the visa timeline may change. We post your visa within 2 days from full payment received from you.
    3. In case visa is refused or ‘Sent to Embassy’ by the Saudi foreign ministry, we can just notify you about the status but we cannot alter any decision from the Saudi ministry.
    4. For cases ‘Sent to embassy’, we’ll update you about the status and guide you on how you can take next steps for visa issuance that might lead to additional expenses. But in some cases, the best option would be to apply for a new visa with new fee.
    5. Once your visa is posted, visa fee is not refundable in any scenario.
    6. You must exit Saudi Arabia before the expiry of your visa. If you fail to exit in time, you’ll be liable to pay absconding charges of SAR 25,000 as fine.
    7. Before you apply for Umrah visa, make sure you have a passport expiry date more than 6 months from the date of visa application.
    8. Visa fee is paid in SAR. If we have quoted you a price in PKR, the price may change anytime due to currency fluctuations.
  2. Hotels
    Trips.pk provides hotel accommodation to Umrah pilgrims. Best effort is made to ensure a pleasant stay while you perform your blessed Umrah. Following terms and condition govern our hotel services:
    1. Trips.pk does not own any hotel. We only facilitate your booking with a hotel based on your budgets, preference and time of availability.
    2. Hotel room allocation is the responsibility of the hotel owner. Trips.pk cannot ensure any specific room allocations. In case of any issues in hotel room quality or services, you will have to talk to the hotel reception.
    3. Make sure you search for a hotel on internet and read reviews before confirming with us. So, you can be sure of the expectations from the hotel.
    4. If you book a 5* star, the hotel availability is confirmed right at the time of booking. For all other hotels, all effort is made to ensure same hotel. But in busy season, you may be shifted to similar level of other hotel due to unavailability of a certain hotel.
    5. Hotel changes are permitted on conditional basis. Some hotels allow changes up to 1 week before your date of stay and some don’t allow at all. You can always check before your departure about hotel change option.
    6. After you have reached for Umrah, hotel cancellation is not possible. Change to new hotel will mean new booking in new hotel.
    7. For kids, no extra mattresses are provided. However, you can always talk to hotel reception for any favour you might need. If you want separate beds, always book them in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
    8. When we provide you distance of a hotel from Haram Sharif in Makkah and Madinah, the distance is an estimate and counted from the outside boundary of the Haram.
  3. Ground Transport
    Most of Umrah pilgrims reach Saudi Arabia through Jeddah and Madinah Airports. From there, you have to take ground transfer option to your respective hotel and Makkah or Madinah. Trips.pk provides you variety of ground transport options for airport transfers as well as transport between Makkah and Madinah.

Transfers from/to Airport

  1. Ground transport option is a paid service that you must buy either with your visa or separately.
  2. For passengers landing in Jeddah, you can choose from shared transfers, private transfers and train based on your purchased package.
  3. Share transfers are available only from Jeddah airport to Makkah. In such case, your bus will take you till Ibrahim Khalil Road. If your hotel comes in the way, you can drop. But for hotels not on the way, you can reach to Ibrahim Khalil Road to maximum point of Philistine Hotel. From there, you have to arrange your own transport till hotel.
  4. For passengers landing at Madinah airport, they don’t have the option of shared transport. They should buy private transfer options.
  5. If you have elderly or special needs passenger, try to book private transfers for flexibility and convenience.
  6. For back to Jeddah airport departure, notify your given helpline number (on your transport voucher) 1 day advance about your return. Then, you’ll be notified of the bus time to pick you from departure point from Makkah and you’ll be dropped at Jeddah airport.

Transport Makkah/Madinah

  1. Depending on your purchased transport package from shared or private transport, you can use this service between Makkah and Madinah.
  2. For shared transport, you must reach to the given departure point in time or you will have to wait for next departure.
  3. You have to load and off-load your own luggage by your own self.
  4. On the way Makkah/Madinah, the bus takes just one stop for prayer and wash room use.
  5. In Madinah: Shared bus will drop you at your hotel on the way till Masjid Bilal or Markaziah
  6. In Makkah: Shared bus will drop you at your hotel on the way till Ibrahim Khalil Road (Philistine Hotel)
  7. If you have purchased private transport, you’ll picked from your hotel and dropped to your destination hotel.



  1. Flights
    You can book a flight with us. There are various airline providing direct and indirect connectivity between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Please note the following terms that govern our flight booking services for Umrah pilgrims:
    1. Once we book a flight, we’ll provide you e-ticket. Make sure to check your name, passport number and date of birth before departure. In case of any discrepancy, notify our team as soon as possible for correction. You might not be able to board if any difference in above mentioned particulars.
    2. Reach your respective airport at least 4 hours before your departure time.
    3. Baggage rules are very strict and airline don’t allow any additional weight.
    4. For government employees, NOC is a must.
    5. For any date changes, airline changes, ticket rules have to be followed which means additional expenses or availability according to airline rules.
    6. Ticket cancellation or refunds depend on each ticket rule. Please check these at the time of purchase.
    7. In case of refund eligibility, a refund process can take up to 45 days.
    8. If you have purchased a group ticket, the ticket issuance can be delayed up to 1 day before your departure date.

  2. Support & Contacts
    For any queries or questions, talk to our support team at +92-3111-555-980