Karachi is the provincial capital and most populous city of Pakistan while Oslo is the national capital and most populous city of Norway. Norway is one of the coldest countries of the world, so the best time to visit Oslo is from May to August when it becomes warm and the usual temperature is approximately 18.4°C. Pakistanis like to tour the cool countries of the world when there is a hot season in Pakistan. The most famous tourist sites of Oslo are The Vigeland Park, Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Fortress, The Royal Palace, Oslo Opera House, Oslo Winter Park, National Gallery, Storting building, Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, Norwegian Maritime Museum and a lot of other amazing places.
On our website, there is a lot of information about flights, Visas, Tours, Travel Agents, Umrah and Hajj Packages and much more. You can book flight ticket and hotel online. Just fill the flight search portal and you will see many flights available for your chosen dates and cities. Here, you will find the flights from Karachi to Oslo. Below is the information of most serving airlines and their ticket prices for Karachi to Oslo journey. Choose the Perfect city according to your mood.
Airports involved in this journey are Karachi, Pakistan KHI- Jinnah International Airport and OSL- Oslo Airport, Norway.


Qatar Airways Airfare of Karachi to Oslo Flights:

Many one stop flights of Qatar airways travel from Karachi to Oslo on a daily basis. Their stop is in Doha, Qatar. Qatar Airways Ticket Price of Karachi to Oslo Flights is between 111,201 PKR and 151,426 PKR. Qatar Airways flights take 11 hours 45 minutes from Karachi to Oslo. There are also two stop flights of Qatar Air for Karachi to Oslo which have prices of more than 2,77,000 PKR.


Karachi to Oslo Ticket Price Turkish Airlines Flights:

Turkish Airlines flights from Karachi to Oslo have one stop in between the journey i.e. in Istanbul, Turkey. These flights are in service seven days a week. Ticket Price of Turkish Airlines for Karachi to Oslo flight start from Rs.103,204. Turkish Airlines flights have a travel duration of about 14 hours. Compare Flights from Islamabad to Oslo air ticket prices of different air lines.


Emirates Karachi to Oslo Air Airfare of Today Flights:

Emirates Air also offers many one-stop flights from Karachi to Oslo every day. They have one stop in Dubai, UAE. Emirates flights trip duration for Karachi to Oslo is about 12 hours 45 minutes. Karachi to Oslo flight ticket price of Emirates Air starts from Rs.131,362.
Note: All these prices are Economy class prices for one adult person’s roundtrip. Flight schedules keep changing with the passage of time and according to the need. Flight tickets can be bought/ ordered at cheapest prices if you book them one month or more before your flight departure.

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