Hajj Packages from Lahore 2022

Best Hajj packages from Lahore in 2022.

Pakege Name Duration Makkah Madina Maktab Includes Quad Tripple Double
Hajj Packages 2022 From Lahore 13 Days ANJUM HOTEL – JABL-E-KAABA (250 Meters) RAWDA AL-AQIQ – MARKAZIA GHARBIA BAB-E-SALAM (300 Meters)
590000 PKR 610000 PKR 650000 PKR
The sacred pilgrimage of hajj is one of the most important religious duty that has to be carried out by those who believe in the call from Allah Almighty home and want to avail the golden opportunity of removing all their great and small sins from their life. Now you can avail this opportunity of undertaking this blessed Hajj pilgrimage through economy Hajj package from lahore which will greatly benefit you spiritually while also enhancing your faith and belief in Islam and belief in unity of Muslims. 

Hajj Packages 2022 Pakistan

Every year millions of Muslims from the world over answer the call and invitation of Allah Almighty by going on 5 star Hajj package from Lahore and getting blessed by performing Tawaf of Kabbah in Mekkah and carrying out all the underlying rites of holy Hajj pilgrimage along the way.
The people of Lahore are equally blessed this year as Allah Almighty has answered their prayers and the blessed act of Hajj pilgrimage has resumed and now you can avail this blessed opportunity to experience and uphold you faith by availing 14 day Hajj Lhe package which will not only bless your job or business but will provide great blessing towards your family as well.
Many of us would like to avail all the facilities of long hajj but in a small package so they can now easily avail all the blessings of Hajj pilgrimage by book their specially designed private economy short Hajj package from Lahore.

Hajj Packages 2022 from Lahore:

Many people from around the world would like to go on this special Hajj pilgrimage event as Saudi Arabia government only allocates certain quota for Islamic countries so only those who are lucky get this special opportunity in their entire life. You must act quickly and select and book your desired Hajj packge with Qurbani which you believe will satisfy all your travel needs and is within your budget requirements.
You can enjoy the opportunity to visit the holy places and home of our Holy Prophet (SAW)and visit the holy mosque in Medinah while gathering countless blessing during the process. You can also visit the Ghare Hira Cave where the divine revelation was revealed to our Holy Prophet (SAW) and also visit the various other divine locations during your Hajj pilgrimage.
The Hajj packages which originate from the north region from cities of Lahore are usually expensive in comparison to south region so those of you who wish to avail some saving can book your 14 day hajj package from Karachi if you desire.
Those of you who desire to extend their sacred Hajj pilgrimage stay can do so by booking their 21 days Hajj package from Lahore and obtain the extended blessing by visiting our holy Prophet’s city of Madinah and going for Ziarat at various religious places after carrying out sacred Hajj pilgrimage. 

14 Day Lahore Hajj Package:

You can now avail the fantastic package for your blessed and sacred Hajj pilgrimage in only Rs. 10,50,000. The package includes the price of travel tickets and also provides you with facility of time meals during your stay for your Hajj pilgrimage.
The flights of this package are going to start from 30th June and going to depart form Lahore to Jeddah Airport. The package will include your stay from your arrival from 7th Zul Hajj in Azizia/ Shokai where you will have arranged accommodation according to gender.
You will have accommodation stay from 12th to 16th Zil Hajj in Azizia or Shokia. You will be provided Hotel accommodation (700-800 meter from Haram) on 17th Zil Hajj with 4-5 people room accommodation.
You will be traveling to Madina from 2nd or 3rd Muharram where you will have stay at Hotel (250 meter from haram) with 8 to 9 nights stay with 4 to 5 person room accommodation. You return flights for this package will start from 9th or 10th August or from Medina from 11th or 12 Muharram to Jeddah airport.

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