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Since the government scheme has a limited quota for Hajj, pilgrims can still perform Hajj with the approved private Hajj tour which can be book through the authentic travel agents of Pakistan. There are several types of packages that you can choose from for your Hajj, ranging from economy to 5-star. You can book your customized Hajj package now from now from all over the Pakistan.
Performing Hajj pilgrimage as Muslim is mandatory religious sacrament and obligatory duty Muslims who have the ability to afford the Hajj packages 2023 Pakistan. Hajj is a highly valued and important religious obligation as Muslims that we must carry out once during their lifetime. Many people cannot avail the Pakistan government-funded Hajj program due to limited seats therefore they can avail the private Hajj package Pakistan price.

Importance of Hajj:

Hajj is a more difficult and lengthy religious Muslim practice that is carried out every year by only those who are invited and selected by Allah (SWT) as only he blesses those who are worthy of the trip. Every year millions of people apply for performing hajj but only a selected few are lucky to get the chance to avail hajj 2023 packages Pakistan. Book Hajj packages from Lahore.
Every year millions of Muslim brothers and sisters carry out the special religious act of performing Hajj in the special and blessed city of Makah and Medina. People must prepare themselves for the journey and challenges that they will be facing when they arrive in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage. You can also apply for hajj through our specially designed Islamabad Hajj 2023 packages.

Difference between Hajj and Umrah:

We offer competitive and best cheap Hajj packages 2023 specially designed to increase your Hajj pilgrimage trip value. You must understand the differences between hajj and umrah explained as follows
Umrah and Hajj both share similarities but the activity of Hajj is more important.
One of the “Five pillars of Islam”. It is compulsory for every Muslim who is physically able and can afford the trip financially. 
Hajj can only be carried out in the specific Islamic month of Zil-Hajj. 
Hajj is time-consuming due to various Islamic rituals. 

Hajj Packages 2023:

To facilitate Muslims in their holy pilgrimage and make their trip safe and enjoyable, we provide best hajj packages that are specially tailored and customized according to everyone’s budget and unique needs. Muslims people do not need to panic as Pakistan people of capital city Islamabad can avail Karachi Hajj packages 2023. 
Muslim brothers and sisters of Karachi can avail Hajj packages 2023 Karachi and can choose from various packages consisting of 2,3,4 and 5-star hotel packages and travelling accommodations according to their needs. The focus of Hajj pilgrimage and journey should be the dedication of your religious duties and showing humbles and upholding of faith so important that your Hajj package suits your needs. 

We offer a huge range of packages for Hajj including:

Economy Package 2023
Budget Package 2023
Executive Package 2023
Premium Package 2023

Hajj Flight Tickets 2023:

Muslim brother and sisters can get their desired Hajj tickets from our dedicated websites and partners offering special discounts and packages for Muslims. Muslims must know that without Hajj visa application proof and accommodation reservation they will not be allowed to perform Hajj pilgrimage. Book Umrah packages from Pakistan.
Muslims brothers can check real online prices from our website and select the best ticket according to their budget and desired Airline. Many airlines like PIA, Qatar airlines offer a direct flights for Hajj pilgrimage. You should carefully choose your flight package and airline according to your needs and schedule as this is an important religious sacrament that should not be disturbed by your work schedule and family needs. Book cheap flights from Pakistan.

Hajj Packages Cost 2023:

According to the government of Pakistan the official package cost is 490,000. Private hajj packages can cost Muslim brothers and sisters ranging from 3,900,000 to 12,050,000 or more. We offer some of the best packages that cater to all your Hajj needs. 
Pakistan people can avail our discounted Hajj package 2023 Pakistan price and enjoy their Hajj pilgrimage. The Hajj pilgrimage usually lasts from 42-45 days on average for many people. 

Hajj Pilgrimage Visa Requirements:

People who wish to perform Hajj pilgrimage must have 
Valid CNIC
10 passport size colour picture with blue/white background (3x4 cm)
Valid Passport (Machine Readable) having validity of six months or more
Application form must be completed with black pen or printed; officially stamped and signed by authorized travel agency.
Valid CNIC copy of your next kin and contact info
Blood group information   
Nadra Vaccination proof for COVID vaccination
Mahram traveling must provide complete information regarding his wife, children and any other relatives. 
Two payable checks towards ‘Unifeid Agents Office” regarding pilgrimage services.
Woman who are over 45 years of age may travel without the need of Mahram in group having approval proof from Mahram. 
Vaccination documents regarding ACW135 and meningitis. 
People who do not get the opportunity to perform Hajj through Pakistan Government Hajj scheme need not worry as they can easily apply and get special private hajj package 2023 pakistan price from us. 
Hajj is one of the most religious activities carried out by Muslim’s the world over, therefore it is important that you devote yourselves towards Allah almighty and therefore it is important to complete all documents and make preparations for Hajj pilgrimage by obtaining the right hajj packages 2023 pakistan.


 Q: What is the cost of Hajj 2023?
The pilgrimage of Hajj total cost can vary according to your selected package,  flight fare, daily expenses, meal expenses, transportation costs and hotel accommodations. The Hajj visa fee does not have any cost, however, you will need to arrange
Two checks for expenses regarding Zamzam water agents
Tent accommodation during your travels to Arafat and Mina
Transportation expenses
Guide Expenses
Normally the cost of Hajj can be from 600,000 to 15,00,000 or above. 
Q: How much does a Hajj package cost?
Hajj packages can cost from 500,000 upto 14,00,000 or above depending upon the package being budget hajj package, premium hajj package or luxury hajj package.
Q: Who can perform Hajj 2023?
Performing the Hajj pilgrimage has certain conditions which have to be met in order to perform the holy act which are as follows
Being Muslim (the person should be Muslim as non- Muslims are not permitted) 
Mentally Sane Person( Hajj is not allowed for mentally insane people)
Free people (person should not slave he should be free)
Adult (Person has reached puberty)
Person Ability( People who have the financial ability, not ill and have no safety issues with performing Hajj)
Woman with Mahram(Woman not allowed to perform hajj without Mahram)
Q: How do I register for Hajj 2023?
To apply for Hajj visa application, you must consult your Saudia embassy near your home as few consulates only allow Hajj visa applications by approved travel agents. Concerned case must be completed from Mi-shawwal up to 25 Dhu Al-Qa’dah. 
People can apply for Government Hajj Scheme through Hajj application forms that are expected to become available from May 2023 among the following banks
Meezan Bank
HBL Bank
Bank Alfalah
Bank of Punjab
Allied Bank limited
Muslim Commercial Bank
National Bank Limited
United Bank Limited
After getting official Hajj form, complete the form and apply for your application with your valid CNIC and valid Passport after which the Government of Pakistan will choose Hajj applicants through lucky draw.
Certain requirements for Hajj visa are as follows 
Valid passport having a time period of six months
Passport size photograph with white background
The person should have a non-refundable roundtrip flight ticket with reservations confirmation.
The person should have proof of vaccination regarding ACYW135 and meningitis
The person should have payable certified checks that are payable to ‘Unified Agents Office’ for pilgrimage purposes

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