Hajj and Umrah is one of the most prestigious event of a muslim life and going on the journey of these events is one of the most important journey for them. Pakistan is the 2nd biggest country, from where travelers go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and Umrah.  Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat Insurance packs are one of the most popular products of PAK-QATAR. On this page, you will get all the details about what kind of Hajj travel insurance package on different locations this company possesses. 


Takaful Package (Hajj, Umrah Ziarat Insurance Package) by Pak-Qatar from Pakistan:

As by the name of this package you will get the idea that it is for the people who are going for a holy journey. Every year Pak-Qatar company give travel insurance to thousands of Pakistanis to make their journey secure. People need travel insurance on these events specially Hajj time. over 2 million people from around the world are taking part in this journey so the chances of you to get into an accident or getting your luggage lost is very high. It is a Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat Insurance which will cover from your health to luggage lost during this journey. This package is extendable from 7 to 45 days of your stay in Saudi Arabia and its charges will vary accordingly. There are three categories in this package
Silver (including Hajj, Umrah)
Gold (including Hajj, Umrah)
Platinum (including Hajj, Umrah)


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Best Travel Insurance Plans by Pak-Qatar for Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat from Pakistan:

These packages by Pak-Qatar is one of the best Hajj, Umrah Ziyarat Insurance Package. All those travelers can look forward to the packages by Pak-Qatar for a better and safer journey. Moreover, Muslims also go to other distant Islamic states for Ziarat. There are multiple cases in which the traveler has lost his/her luggage and phone during this holy Journey and even got injured in crowed.
These are three types of hajj, Umrah, Ziarat travel insurance packages are being offered by Pak-Qatar Insurance. All of these packages are designed in such a way that will fulfill the need of every kind of customers. There are multiple cases of medical injury and luggage lost come across us every year during the period of Hajj, these packages will help perform this holy Journey without any fear.

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