Getting a Visa or a good package for your journey is not that important nowadays as much as the travel insurance package. A good travel insurance package always has some extra perks and features which help you during your journey. TPL is one of the most renowned and most efficient travel insurance companies in Pakistan. This company is working in Pakistan for over 4 decades now and bringing one of the travel insurance plans for its customers. 
As it has a wide range of insurance policies other than the travel category, you guys can get any kind of insurance plan which fulfills your requirements. 
General insurance
 Auto insurance 
Fire Insurance
Health Insurance
 home insurance 
Even after having all these products travel insurance packages are the most favorite among TPL customers. Pakistan is a Muslim country so most of the people think about Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat Insurance packs when they think about spending money on any foreign tour. This Package by TPL has a quiet fan base because they offer one of the best Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat Insurance packs in the market. 


Takaful Package for Travel Insurance by TPL from Pakistan (Hajj, Umrah Ziarat Insurance Package):

TPL is surely known for its services usually in Hajj, Umrah Ziyarat Insurance Package. They offer one of the best and low priced rates for you. Usually, all the Package for Umrah, Hajj, Ziarat are not that good but eventually when you sit on your PC and look for this kind of packages you will get all the information that you need. Getting a good package for yourself is not a bad idea it will give you a sense of security for your journey. 
This package is extendable from 7 to 45 days of your stay in Saudi Arabia and its charges will vary accordingly. There are two categories in this package


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Silver Hajj, Umrah Ziarat TPL Travel Insurance Package from Pakistan (Individual + Family):

Getting involved in a holy journey is a great blessing and TPL makes this blessing more safe for you. Usually, people go with their families on Umrah and this family travel insurance package is perfect to make sure that your family stays safe. This package is also available for all those individuals who are going on this journey. This package for both individuals and families can be stretched up to 45 days. This is a mid-range budget and almost anyone can afford it. 

TPL GOLD Hajj, Umrah Ziyarat Travel Insurance Packages from Pakistan 2020 (Individual + Family):

Gold Hajj, Umrah Ziyarat Insurance Package is a kind of luxurious product by TPL for all those travelers who can pay some extra cash for their safety. This package is also available for both family and individual travelers and can also stretch this plan to 45 days and it is available for both family and individual travel insurance. 
So what are you waiting for go and get one for yourself? More detail about these products can be found on the page below. 

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