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Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

When applying for a Schengen visa to any of the Schengen state, you are required to buy a travel insurance plan for the duration of your intended stay in the Schengen area. Trips.pk offers very competitive Schengen travel insurance plans that come with lowest price and greatest coverage. The reason we can offer you best service and amazing insurance prices is that our platform gets prices from all competitive insurance companies ensuring us better prices for Schengen travel insurance. You can buy a travel insurance plan for Schengen online or simply call our helpline and we’ll create the plan for you and email/whatsapp your package right away.  You’ll be able to make the payment online, through IBFT or in cash. Its simple, easy and convenient.

When purchasing travel insurance for Schengen visa, there are certain aspects you need to ensure. That includes the overall coverage and the duration or validity of the plan against the premium amount you are going to pay. So make sure you ask us about these conditions before you finalize the booking details for your Schengen travel insurance plan in 2024.

Are you going to make a tour in the Schengen Areas? If your emotive utterance in the positive action then we give best wishes to you for your journey. Obviously, you are trying to complete your travel preparations. But, let us know that have you bought a Travel insurance Package? If you are not familiar with this thing then believe us that your traveling won’t be secure.


Schengen Visa Insurance Requirements

It is so simple and easy to get your travel insurance for Schengen visa. All you need is to provide a copy of your passport. Once you provide this, your insurance will be ready within few minutes. When creating your insurance document, we’ll take your personal information, date of birth and other particulars which are already available in the copy of your passport.


Schengen Visa Insurance Plans 2024  from Pakistan

The Schengen is a place that covers 26 European countries. These countries include Austria, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, France, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.  Getting a travel insurance for Schengen visa is a must before you can apply for a visit visa to any of the Schengen states. All countries in Schengen area explicitly demand that you must have a valid travel insurance issued from Pakistan before you can even apply for a visa. Every country has outlined list of approved insurance companies and the coverage range that you must have. However, it is quite easy to get a travel insurance for Schengen visa online. Just a few click and you can buy a Schengen travel insurance online in few minutes.

IGI, Adamjee Schengen Plans 2024, Jubilee, and many others are among the best Schengen Travel Insurance Plans in Pakistan. Adamjee Company also provided health insurance plans.  Individual tours, family tours, and group tours all have varied plans depending on your way of travel. Furthermore, the plans can differ in terms of the duration of your plan. So, look over all of the plans and pick the one that best suits your demands.


Germany Schengen Visa Travel Insurance 

Every Schengen embassy in Pakistan provides a list of authorized travel insurance providers who operate in Pakistan. The list is regularly updated and must be followed when applying for a visa to the respective country. Given below is the latest list of insurance companies for Germany visa. Make sure you have purchased the right travel insurance before you apply for a German visa. The German embassy will not accept your visa application if you have not provided proof of valid travel insurance.


Schengen Visa Insurance for Travelling to France

With its picturesque landscapes, world-class art, and cultural heritage, France is also a popular destination for Pakistani travelers. France is one of the countries that accept Schengen visas, and for successfully obtaining a Schengen visa, Schengen Visa insurance is a must. Without a valid Schengen Visa insurance, France embassy will reject your Visa request. Schengen Visa Insurance in France can help you cover medical expenses, baggage loss, trip cancellations, and other travel-related issues that may arise during the trip. A list of registered Pakistani companies that are offering France Schengen Visa Insurance is given below

  • UIC (United Insurance Company)
  • Universal Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Continental Insurance Company Ltd
  • Crescent Star Insurance Limited

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance for Greece

Greece's ancient ruins, stunning islands, and azure waters make it an enchanting destination for international travelers. Pakistani tourists can enter Greece while having a Schengen Visa. Please note that Pakistani travelers cannot get a Schengen Visa without a proper Schengen Visa Insurance. To obtain a Schengen Visa Insurance you can apply online at Europe Assistance website. Having Schengen Visa insurance in Greece is important to safeguard against unexpected medical expenses, ensuring a worry-free exploration of this beautiful country. Following are the names of approved insurance companies of Pakistan offering insurance for Greece Schengen Visas:

  • NJI (New Jubilee Insurance)
  • PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)
  • Premier Insurance Limited
  • Shaheen Insurance 

Portugal Schengen Visa Insurance

Portugal's historical charm and breathtaking coastal beauty make it a captivating destination for travelers from around the world. For Pakistani visitors, entering Portugal with a Schengen Visa and having appropriate travel insurance for the Schengen visa is vital. Schengen Visa insurance in Portugal provides essential coverage for any unforeseen medical emergencies that may arise during your trip. It is a small investment that brings significant benefits, especially when traveling to a foreign country like Portugal. Travelers can explore this enchanting country with confidence, knowing that they have the necessary protection in case of accidents, illnesses, or health-related incidents. Additionally, Schengen Visa insurance covers other travel-related contingencies, such as trip cancellation, baggage loss, and travel delays, ensuring that your journey remains seamless and stress-free. Names of registered travel insurance companies in Pakistan are in the following:

  • Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd
  • Jubilee General Insurance Company Ltd
  • EFU General
  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd

Travel Insurance of Netherlands Schengen Visa

The Netherlands boasts iconic windmills, tulip fields, and vibrant cities. Travelers from Pakistan with a Schengen Visa can enter this enchanting country to explore its rich culture and heritage. To ensure a worry-free and enjoyable journey in Netherlands, Schengen Visa insurance is of utmost importance. Schengen Visa insurance in the Netherlands provides essential coverage for medical expenses, ensuring that visitors have access to quality healthcare services in case of illness or accidents. Companies who provide travel insurance services for the Netherlands Schengen Visas are given below:

  • East West Insurance Company Ltd
  • EFU General
  • Habib Insurance Company Ltd
  • IGI

Austrian Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

Austria, a land of breathtaking landscapes and a rich classical music heritage, beckons travelers from all over the world. For Pakistani visitors, having Schengen Visa insurance in Austria is an essential aspect of their travel preparation. Schengen Visa insurance provides travelers with the peace of mind they need to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of Austria. The insurance coverage extends to a wide range of situations, ensuring that visitors are financially protected in case of unexpected mishaps. Moreover, the insurance also covers travel-related inconveniences, such as trip cancellations, delays, and lost baggage. The names of the Pakistani companies through which you can get travel insurance for your Austria Schengen Visa are:

  • UIC (United Insurance Company)
  • Universal Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • NJI (New Jubilee Insurance)
  • PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)

Schengen Visa Insurance for Travelling to Switzerland

Switzerland's breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures attract travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. And it is a country that comes under the Schengen area, which means Pakistani visitors can easily enter Switzerland with the help of a Schengen Visa. Travel insurance is also necessary for your Schengen Visa for a hassle-free journey in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to live in that’s why Schengen travel visa insurance is a prerequisite. Schengen Visa insurance in Switzerland ensures access to top-notch healthcare facilities and support in case of emergencies during the trip. The list of authorized travel insurance companies in Pakistan are given below: 

  • Alfalah Insurance Company.
  • Asia Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Atlas Insurance Ltd.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance for Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of those countries that accept Schengen Visas and lets visitors enter the country without additional visa requirements or border control. And Schengen Visa insurance in the Czech Republic is an essential safeguard that offers comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies and various travel-related issues, ensuring a stress-free and secure journey. As travelers explore the cobbled streets of Prague and admire the captivating medieval architecture, having Schengen Visa insurance provides them with peace of mind. In addition to medical coverage, the insurance also offers protection against travel-related inconveniences. There are several Pakistani companies which are offering travel insurance for the Czech Republic Schengen Visas:

  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd
  • Atlas Insurance Ltd
  • Chubb Insurance Pakistan Ltd (Formerly ACE Insurance Ltd)
  • CICL - Century Insurance Company Ltd

Spain Schengen Visa Insurance

Spain's vibrant culture, diverse cities, and stunning beaches make it a favorite destination for Pakistani travelers. Schengen Visa is valid in Spain and a Schengen Visa insurance in Spain is essential to have peace of mind while exploring this vibrant country. With the excitement of exploring a new country, it is vital to have adequate protection against unexpected circumstances. Schengen Visa insurance offers the much-needed security to ensure that travelers can fully embrace the wonders of Spain without worries. Before embarking on the journey to Spain, it is essential to carefully review the insurance policy to understand its coverage and claim process fully, you can get this information from the Embassy of Spain in Pakistan. Following are the names of registered travel insurance companies in Pakistan:

  • Premier Insurance Limited
  • Shaheen Insurance
  • SPI Insurance Company Ltd (formerly Saudi Pak)
  • TPL Direct Insurance Ltd

Italian Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

Italy, with its rich history, magnificent art, and delicious cuisine, is a captivating destination that attracts travelers from every corner of the globe. As Italy falls under the Schengen area, which means Pakistani visitors can explore Italy with the help of a Schengen visa. Travel insurance for a Schengen visa is really necessary for tourists because it stands as a crucial safeguard that offers essential medical support and assistance throughout their journey. With Schengen Visa insurance with them, travelers can savor various delightful experiences of Italy with a sense of security, knowing they are prepared for any potential emergencies. For queries related to Schengen visa and its travel insurance, Pakistani travelers can contact the Italian Embassy in Islamabad. Also following are some trusted companies in Pakistan offering travel insurance for Schengen visas: 

  • EFU General
  • IGI
  • Jubilee General Insurance Co. Ltd
  • PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)

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