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Pakistan is one of the most beautiful Asian Countries in the world. It is one of the few countries which experience four seasons. From is city life to its northern areas, it is totally beautiful and serene. The Pakistani culture and traditions are full of colors and very vibrant for the tourists. Also, the Pakistanis’ themselves are very courteous and welcoming to the tourists. Whether you are travelling for a trip or to your family in Pakistan, there are few important things that you need to keep in your travel bags. Following is the list of the things that are necessary to be kept:

Important Documents:

The first most important thing is to have all your official documents, including your travel documents in your bag before you travel. The documents include your identification cards, passport, visa and other official documents. These documents are mostly required at the airport immigration services. Without these documents you cannot travel to Pakistan.

Things to keep in bag

First Aid Box and Medication:

The first aid box is very essential to keep because you never know about the weather changes and different diseases that can attack you. Other than that, the jet lag is always there; therefore it is better to have your own medicines to use rather than going for local medicines that you have never used before. The basic meds for headache, stomach, cough and flu and other pains is very necessary to be kept in your travel bag. Read this about how to travel safely to Pakistan.

Clothes and Shoes:

Off course you cannot travel without keeping your clothes with you. But clothes should be kept according to the weather conditions of the country. For example, if you are going to Pakistan in summers (April-September) you need to have cool cotton clothes with you. But if you are travelling in winters (October-February) you will need to have warm clothes e.g., jackets, sweaters etc. Apart from the weather, the clothing also depends on the area that you are going to visit. Therefore, always pre-check the required clothes before going. And when it comes down to shoes, then always keep your comfy with you because if you use local transport in Pakistan, you’ll definitely need your most comfortable shoes like joggers, sandals etc.

Things must in bag

Local Currency:

It is very important to keep local currency of Pakistan i.e., Pakistani Rupees with you before going there. The concept of online payments in many northern areas of Pakistan is quite less. For easy shopping sand transactions, it is very feasible to have local currency rather exchanging your currency first. Plus you will be saved from the payment of exchange rate fee if you exchange your currency there.

Plugs and Voltage:

The voltage in Pakistan is different from other countries i.e., 220-240 Volts. To keep your appliances, electronics and specially mobile phones safe from electricity frying, you need to keep your own plugs and converters with you. Also, power banks are very essential because if you travel to Northern Areas, the routes are very time taking; therefore you should have your power bank with you so that you don’t run out of your mobile batteries.


There are always some other extra things to be kept before travelling to any city or country. Things like nourishing creams for your skin, tissue rolls or tissue papers, small snacks like fires, gums and candies are also travel buddies. Also keep your sterilized water bottles with you while travelling. And other small personal stuff that you think is important to you should be kept alongside.All of the above mentioned things are very important to be kept before travelling to Pakistan. If you complete this list, you will have a safe and sound travel experience in Pakistan. Wish you a very wonderful travel experience there.


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