Saudi Arabia Removes All Restrictions Of Covid Ahead of Hajj

14-Jun-2022 244

According to developments as reported by Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Saudi Arabia government has removed all restrictions previously placed related to Covid. The recent decision has been implemented in view of continuous improvement of all epidemiological indications inside the Saudi Kingdom concerning people’s high immunization levels provided by community immunization. Book Hajj packages from Pakistan.

No More Face Masks:

Pilgrims who are visiting Saudi Arabia for their Hajj or Umrah will not be required to wear face masks while indoors except in specific areas like Prophet’s Mosque, Grand Mosque (Kaaba) and in places where Public Health Authority, activities, public transportation, facilities, events requires higher protection standards. 

No More Vaccination Proof:

Furthermore, pilgrims will not be required to show vaccination proof through Tawakkalna application any longer in order to enter events, activities, boarding planes, entering public transport and availing facilities except where there are certain higher requirements of immunization concern.

Third Booster Dose:

The citizens of Saudi Arabia who wish to leave their country will be required to undergo third booster dose after period of eight months in comparison to three months with exception for those people’s age groups which are regulated by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health. 
The Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health announced 1188 Covid 19 registration of new cases along with monitoring 923 recovery cases with two death cases. The total number of Covid cases since its inception in the Kingdom reached total of 778,983 which include 9318 active Covid cases. Many of them are stable and their health is assuring while the Covid recovery cases rose to 760,490 cases while Covid deaths rose to 9175. 
The Saudi kingdom has previously announced lifting of many Covid restrictions in the month of March which encouraged the arrival of pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia, which included practice of social distancing in the public areas and mandatory quarantine for people who arrived in the Saudi kingdom vaccinated.


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