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Travel Agencies arrange travel within Pakistan or outside Pakistan for their commercial purposes and can also assist and guide the foreign tourists coming towards Pakistan. Every travel agency provides different types of Packages/ services and can charge different prices for them. Their services are usually satisfactory depending on the type of package you book. Get phone numbers and postal adddress of best travel agencies in Pakistan.

Travel Agency Business in Pakistan is wide-spread and actively working for various travels of people from Pakistan to foreign countries and vice versa. Usually, citizens of Pakistan travel to foreign countries for education, religious tours, entertainment trips, business, and work plans, attending a diplomatic/ personal event and family meeting purposes. For all these travels, they need the help of the travel agency. A travel Agency makes their journey possible and in turn, they make/ enhance their business of Travel Agency in Pakistan.
A travel Agency business needs a license to operate the duty, according to the Travel Agencies Rules 1977. You can apply for this license to the Controller, Department of Tourist Services, Government of Pakistan (needs a bank statement/Business Guarantee Fund of 4 lac rupees). A travel agent license makes you eligible to work within one or more fields of operation given below
Arrange the travel services for tourists within Pakistan or outside Pakistan (transport, hotel accommodation, etc.)
Transportation of public’s baggage by sea, air, rail or road
Organizing group tours of Pakistanis to a foreign country/ country
Organizing group tours of Pakistanis within Pakistan
Organizing a group of foreign citizens to visit Pakistan
Arranging trekking or mountain climbing for tourists
Arrangement of sports, entertainment, or sight-seeing tours for tourists
For further information you can read Travel Agencies Rules, 1976 and Travel Agencies Rules 1977.  

Development of Travel Agencies’ Business in Pakistan in the Last 5 years:

Business of travel agency has been developed to a great extent in the previous 5 years in Pakistan. Travel Agencies and their branches have spread to all over cities of Pakistan along with providing the online way of purchasing travel/ Umrah Packages. In the year 2018, more than 4 lac people traveled just for Umrah from Pakistan, which would have been a great business for Pakistani Travel agencies.
There are more than 160 approved travel agencies for Umrah in 2019 in Pakistan. Before 5 years, there were not so many improvements but now everything is available at one click. These approved travel agencies offer various kind of travel packages which facilitate passengers a lot. You can now read all the details of packages offered by travel agents before getting the package.
There are thousands of travel agencies in Pakistan overall. These travel agencies provide support and good service at cheaper prices. After you buy a certain package from the travel agency, they serve for getting your Visa, flight ticket, transport, hotel accommodation, and some other facilities if they are listed in your package.
In the last 5 years, the number of foreign tourists had been continuously decreasing while tourism within Pakistan has been increased to a great extent. Many Pakistanis took the tour of Northern areas of Pakistan (Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, etc.) between 2015 and 2019. 
Tourism in Pakistan 2019 is growing and improving day by day. This has become possible with the struggle of travel agencies, their services along with the struggle of the tourism department of Pakistan. As tourism grows, the business of travel agencies also grows. Generally, travel agencies make money by commissions.
From 2016 and after it, each year the tourism industry is adding billions of US dollars in GDP of Pakistan. And, when travel agents successfully sell 10 international flight tickets, they make a business equal to the whole expense of one person’s international tour. So, the travel agencies will have a bright future if tourism keeps increasing at the same speed or more. Travel agencies and Economy of Pakistan both things are getting developed through tourism.
Travel Agencies 2019 in Pakistan have made a lot of business through Umrah and Hajj Packages, inbound tourism packages, international trip packages, selling flight tickets, etc. which is also a contribution to the economy of Pakistan. Alone PIA earned 7-8 billion PKR through Hajj operations.
In 2015, tourism added 328.3 million USD to Pakistan’s GDP
In 2016, tourism added 793 billion PKR to Pakistan’s GDP
In 2017, tourism added 930 billion PKR to Pakistan’s GDP
Below is a graph showing the contribution to Pakistan’s GDP by tourism processed by Travel Agents.


Salaries of Travel Agents in Pakistan:

Being an online travel agent or a consultant is easy, you can work from home. You will have to work as an advertiser and you will have to sell the flight tickets, Umrah and Trip Packages 2019, hotel reservations/ tickets, provide clients best services, etc. Along with it, you will have to convince the clients that your travel agency is really helpful, honest and dedicated to work.
Getting the job of an online travel agent is between 15,000 PKR and 40,000 PKR in Pakistan (2019). Travel Agency call center jobs in 2019 offer salary between 20,000 to 40,000. Travel Agency manager job has salary package of near 60,000 PKR. CEO is a higher job and the CEO of travel agency in Pakistan earns more than any other staff of travel agency. Travel Agents Business in Karachi is emerging day by day and service providers are making their packages more facilitative and quality-based. You can search here for the travel agents located in Karachi to get their contact details, phone number, email address, address, etc. The salaries of each staff depend on their rank and how much they are dedicated to their work. Usually, Karachi travel agents earns near 25,000 per month.
Travel Agents Business in Lahore is also growing because it is the 2nd most-populous city of Pakistan after Karachi. Salaries of staff of Travel Agency in Lahore are usually near 30,000 PKR. You can find several travel agents in Lahore on along with their contact numbers and email addresses. You can book any of your desirable packages by contacting them.


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