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MG HS MG 2017

Per Day = Rs. 18000 In City with Driver

Per Day = Rs. 20000 Out City with Driver

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The MG HS is a very popular SUV crossover car that has been praised immensely for its variety of luxury features and good build quality from Chinese manufacturer. The MG HS car suits people of class who prefer quality ride and therefore MG HS is very popular choice for booking car rental Pakistan. The MG HS comes in two variants the MG HS PHEV (1500 cc Hybrid) with automatic transmission and MG HS 1.5 Turbo ( 1500 cc Petrol).

MG HS Long term Car Rental Pakistan

The MG HS SUV is manufactured by SAIC motor under license from British MG marque. The MG HS SUV was launched by MG motors in Pakistan in the year 2020. The MG HS car is equipped with very powerful 1500 cc engine producing 119 horsepower with 250 Nm torque. The MG HS car also has turbo hybrid option for those who like more performance. Now you can enjoy luxury SUV features unseen before by booking MG HS car for long term car rental Pakistan online for weekly and monthly periods.

Cars Name Car Model Car Rental Price Car Description
MG HS 2020 to 2021 12000 - 15000 per day Mid-size SUV car for 4 to 5 Passengers

MG HS rent a car price in Pakistan Islamabad

The MG HS SUV has a unique bold design comprising sharp edge accents. The MG HS car front side is adored by stardust grille which is accompanied by the MG company log. The MG HS car has feature of DRL(daytime running lights) having two LED headlamps with special auto lighting feature and fog lamps as well. The MG HS rear side has special spoiler fitted with brake light. The MG HS has unique sequent illumination LED tail lamps having LED side indication and heating feature. The busy people of Islamabad can now travel in high style by booking MG HS as the MG HS rent a car price in Pakistan Islamabad starts at only RS. 10,000 per day only.

Rent a car lahore to islamabad

Many people who have business in various cities and need high quality and safe ride therefore they should prefer MG HS for rent a car lahore to Islamabad as their preferred choice. MG HS has also has features of wiper with rain sensors, panoramic sunroof, welcome lights, power tailgate and special shark fin antenna.

MG HS rent a car in lahore without driver prices

Many people in Pakistan want to enjoy quality vacation time going on northern area trips to Swat, Chitral, Gilgit, Hunza and Kashmir valley so they need to have privacy and good quality ride that will not fail during their important journey. MG HS has various safety features like MG pilot (driver assistance) providing intelligent speed assist, navigation system, isofix child lock, 6 air bags, traffic jam assist, blind spot detection, lane change assist, front collision warning,  automatic emergency braking and automatic cruise control. So naturally MG HS is a good all rounder choice as MG HS rent a car in lahore without driver prices are affordable starting at only Rs. 12000 per day only.

MG HS Rent a car Rawalpindi to Lahore

The MG HS SUV also provides customers with three unique interior options unlike the competition including beige, red and black. The car has very special comfortable polyurethane and PVC equipped seats. The MG HS car has smart key and keyless entry features. The car also has special driver seat with 6 way manual lumbar adjustment support and front passenger seat also adjustable manually in 4 ways as well. Many people want comfort when they travel long distances so that is why you should book MG HS as rent a car Rawalpindi to Lahore as your first priority for long trips.

MG Car Hire Pakistan Islamabad

The MG HS car also provides its passengers with special cool box and armrest in the front centre area along with providing rear armrest with special cupholders as well. The MG HS car has special dual zone climate control and special rear AC vent features as standard along with optional electrical air conditioning control option. The MG HS interior is equipped with unique ambient light along with special glove box, rearview mirrors, center cooled storage box and sun visor. People who book MG car hire Pakistan Islamabad for their car rental will not be disappointed as they choose quality ride.

MG HS rent a car with driver

The MG HS car provides excellent fuel economy of 10 to 12 kilometer per liter while providing excellent features like sports mode and economy mode. The MG HS car provide excellent and smooth ride even at high speed as the conditions become tough. The MG HS car has special responsive gearbox which helps in maintaining its special smooth ride while handling all kinds of road shocks along the way. You can easily book your favorite MG HS rent a car with driver starting at Rs. 10,000 per day only.


Q1: What is the rent a car price of MG HS SUV car per day ?

Ans: The MG HS SUV has rental price of Rs. 10,000 rent per day.

Q2: What is the MG HS SUV car’s fuel average?

Ans: The MG HS car has a fuel average ranging from 10 to 12 kilometer per liter.

Q3: What is the fuel tank capacity of MG HS car?

Ans: The MG HS has a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters.

Q4: Is MG HS rent a car suitable for long trips and vacation in northern areas of Pakistan?

Ans: Yes, MG HS car is very much recommended for your vacation and family trips.

Q5: Does MG HS rent a car have any insurance for accidents during travels.

Ans: Yes, MG HS rent a car is insured by third party for all major accidents.

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