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Nissan Dayz J 2012

Per Day = Rs. 4000 In City with Driver

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Nissan Dayz Rent a Car in Pakistan

Cars Name Car Model Car Rental Price Car Description
Nissan Dayz 2018 to 2021 3500 - 4000 per day Hatchback car for 4 to 5 Passengers
Nissan Dayz 2014 to 2017 3000 - 3500 per day Hatchback car for 4 to 5 Passengers
Nissan Dayz 2011 to 2013 2000 -2500 per day Hatchback car for 4 to 5 Passengers
Nissan Dayz is one of the popular Japanese cars in Pakistan. Being a Japanese car it got famous due to its reliable features among the users. Nissan Dayz is popular because of its great features and affordable price among competing small cars. 
Nissan Dyaz provides a smooth drive to its riders and they are using it extensively for their daily commute everyday. You can now easily obtain Nissan Dayz for rent in Pakistan as it is readily available and you can even book it online very easily. 

Nissan Dayz Fuel Average:

Are you worried due to rising petrol prices in the country and are afraid of riding your car due to expensive fuel bills? No need to worry now as Nissan Dayz highway star fuel average in Pakistan is one of the best. You can drive Nissan Dayz car without any worries as it provides great value and is easy on the budget. 
It was hard for people to rent a car and then they also had to pay for petrol but now things have become budget friendly and availing Nissan dayz car rent services will be the best decision you can make to increasing your savings. Book Wedding cars in Pakistan at best rates.

Nissan Dayz Rent A Car In Lahore:

Nissan Dyaz has a very powerful engine that provides a great driving experience. Now you don't really have to waste time on traveling services as Nissan Dayz decreases the travel time due to the high speed and features provided.
The people of Lahore can now enjoy their daily trips fully by booking or renting a Nissan Dyaz. This car has a large setting space, and 4 to 5 persons can easily fit in it.  You can easily book your Nissan car online as the rent for Nissan is more affordable than ever before.
The best feature of this car is its optimum size. It has a small body which is optimal and useful feature in Lahore traffic jam as you can easily avoid being stuck in the traffic. It's a great opportunity for the people of Lahore to rent a Nissan Dyaz and save their time.

Nissan Dayz Rent A Car Karachi:

Renting a car is a really expensive option as you have to spend thousands of cash on rent. Getting a car for a day is even more costly. It gets really difficult for people to rent a car at unaffordable prices.
But now getting nissan for rent is easier than ever with Pakistan at much cheaper rates. You can easily obtain your favorite Nissan Dayz car for rent online. The Nissan Dayz sedan is readily available for rent at very affordable rates. Hence due to cheap rates, it has become really popular among people of Pakistan.
Many firms are offering rent a car services along with driver facility and you can avail it fully. As being highly popular among people many firms are giving Nissan Dyaz for rent on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can get your rent a car nissan model in your desired colours a well. 
To book a Nissan Dyaz you can visit a renting company or you can book your Nissan Dayz car online. Due to high demand, Nissan Dyaz is very difficult to obtain on time so it's always better to book days before your special event. 

Nissan Dayz Rent A Car With Driver:

Nissan Dayzcar rent mostly varies greatly according to market and availability. So it's better to check many renting companies by visiting their office or online before booking your desired Nissan Dayz model. On weekends you can even avail yourself some discounts and vouchers offered by various car renting companies.
Now the people of Pakistan will have total security and peace of mind as getting Nissan dayz for rent in Pakistan provides the best solution as all rental cars are insured. You can even avail rental services with driver so there are no such worries concerning accidents or car theft.
All renting cars have an installed tracker in them and they can easily be found in case of loss or theft. So now what you are waiting for. Just book a Nissan Dayz car for rent and enjoy your summer vacations. 


What is Nissan Dayz rent a car per day charges? 

You can easily obtain your favorite Nissan Dayz car for as low as Rs. 2800 per day.

What is the fuel economy of Nissan Dayz car? 

Nissan Dayz car fuel average ranges from 21-30km per liter.

Is Nissan Dayz rent a car recommended for northern areas and long trips? 

Yes, Nissan Dayz car is the best choice taking your family for long drive or summer vacations and for enjoying scenic weather along the beach.

Is Toyota Passo recommended for off road trips or expedition? 

No, Nissan Dayz car is not recommended for off road trips and adventure expeditions as it is city aimed for fulfilling daily commute needs. 

What is the fuel tank capacity of Nissan Dayz car? 

The fuel tank capacity of Nissan Dayz Car is 30 liters.

How many people can easily fit in Nissan Dayz for transport? 

Nissan Dayz car has been designed to easily accommodate four persons


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