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Toyota Yaris ATIV X 2021

Per Day = Rs. 5000 In City with Driver

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Toyota Yaris GLI 2020

Per Day = Rs. 4000 In City with Driver

Per Month = Rs. 100000 Out City with Driver

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The Toyota Yaris Sedan car is Pakistan most selling sedan that has been recently introduced in 2020 as a replacement of Corolla Xli and Corolla Gli sedan cars. Toyota Yaris car has gone through many names like Toyota Vitz, Vios, Platz, Belta among others but now Toyota Indus has introduced 3rd generation Toyota Yaris that you can easily obtain by Toyota Yaris rent a car by booking online. Book Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Rent a Car in Pakistan.


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Toyota Yaris
2019 to 2021 4500- 5500 per day

Business Sedan car for 4 to 5 Passengers


Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Karachi :

Toyota Yaris has been an instant success since launch providing Pakistani people a balance of power, performance and reliability with very good price. Indus motor company has sold 28,673 car units in the year of 2021. Now you can enjoy the sights and various landmarks of Karachi city by booking Toyota Yaris for rent in Karachi online without worrying about car theft and car safety.

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Per Day:

The Toyota Yaris is an excellent sedar car in terms of providing balance of performance and features. The car comes with two engine options of either 1300 cc engine or 1500 cc engine. Now you can enjoy the smooth and luxurious drive of Toyota Yaris by booking Toyota Yaris rent a car in Pakistan online for as little as Rs.4000 per day.

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Lahore :

The Toyota Yaris sedan car is one of the most favorite sedan cars that is loved due to its fantastic looks and advanced various features such as SRS Airbags, vehicle stability control, power steering, push start button, multi infotainment system, immobilizer, hill start assistance, CVT transmission, among others. The people of Lahore can now enjoy their daily travels and vacation trips by getting Toyota Yaris for rent a car in Lahore by booking online. Book Yaris rent a acar in Islamabad.

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Monthly :

Busy traffic routes and high chances of daily car accidents are almost an everyday sight these days. You wish to travel to Islamabad for an important meeting or event but don’t want to risk your personal car for safety reasons then obtaining a Toyota Yaris rent a car monthly by booking online is the best option. 

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Islamabad:

The people of Islamabad who wish to travel for summer vacation and northern area tours will have to suffer no longer as they can easily obtain Toyota Yaris for rent in Islamabad by booking online. The Toyota yaris can provides good performance and excellent suspension with Toyota’s legendary reliability proving to be an ideal choice for travelers.

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car with Driver:

Sometimes many people wish to travel care free without worrying for their personal car thats where getting Toyota Yaris rent a car with driver facility comes in handy. You can just focus on the important business event tasks at hand without worrying for your personal car as the driver will take car of your vehicle and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or car theft. Book Yaris for rent in Lahore.

Toyota Yaris Rent a Car Fuel Economy:

The Toyota Yaris is an excellent choice for car rental services as it provides excellent fuel economy of 15km to 17 km per liter. Therefore people who wish to save their fuel and get the most out of their car will find that getting a Toyota Yaris rent a car in Pakistan is a smart decision.

Toyota Yaris Car suitable for northern area vacations and long trips?

Yes, the Toyota Yaris car is an excellent choice for long trips and tours.

What is the fuel average of Toyota Yaris Car?

Toyota Yaris car has fuel average of 13-14 km in city and 15-17 km on highway. 

Is the Toyota Yaris Ativ model available for rent? 

Yes, the Toyota Yaris Ativ model is available for rent in pakistan.

What is Toyota Yaris car monthly basis rent? 

Toyota yaris car is available for rent on monthly basis for as little as Rs. 100,000.


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