Australia is known for its enigmatic beautiful places worth visiting. It is one of the smallest countries in the world but known as the biggest island of the planet as well. This beautiful country is surrounded by ocean. There are many pristine beaches, wildlife parks and manmade attraction as well which put Australia on the top list of tourist attraction. This country is blessed with many exotic tourist destinations that lures tourists to must-visit Australia. There are many companies in Pakistan which are providing different Australia Tour Packages from Pakistan but here you will find them at a low cost.
Every year the amount of people visiting Australia from Pakistan is increasing by great numbers. There are many factors which are involved in this hypothesis like the adventurous nature of our young generation. Before you book an Australia tour package from Pakistan you have to know about different must-visit places in Australia. Here is the list of all those places.Enjoy 6 Days Tour To Sydney

Different places to visit in Australia

1. Harbor Bridge
2. Canberra
3. Kakadu National Park
4. Sydney
Now these are some of the most wonderful places to visit in Australia. All people who are looking forward to a trip of Australia this year must visit all these places. All these places have a great significance in the history of Australia.Read How to Get Australian Visa From Pakistan.

Best Tour Package to Australia From Pakistan | World Tour Packages

Here on this page, you will have all the information that you need to know about the Australia tour packages that we offer. There is a different kind of Australia tour packages available and you can select the one which fulfills your needs and according to your range as well. We also offer Honeymoon Tour Packages of Australia from Pakistan as well..
So, whenever you think about Australia tour from Pakistan, you should visit trip.pk. We provide the best Australia tour packages from Pakistan at affordable rates. 

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Mostly asked questions

How much does it cost from Pakistan to Australia?   
If you are going to take flight from Pakistan to Sydney (Australia), so it will cost you $1487(Lowest price possible) which is 229838.15 PKR.                     .
If you are going to take flight from Pakistan to Melbourne (Australia), so it will cost you $1829 which is 282699.39 in PKR                        .
If you are going to take flight from Pakistan to Perth (Australia), so it will cost you $2726(Lowest price possible) which is 421344.19 PKR.
If you are going to take flight from Pakistan to Adelaide (Australia), so it will cost you $1803(Lowest price possible) which is 278680.70 PKR.
What are the three main reasons for visitors to travel to Australia? 
You can get their chance to see beautiful wild life and natural beauty.
It perfect destination to enjoy road trips.
You will have chance to visit amazing cities with stunning beaches for which you will love to fill   your toes with sand.
What is the cheapest month to fly to Australia?
During the low season, we get chance to fly in low rates. It starts from May 1 and go till the first week in June. Not only this it again starts from third week of July and go till the third week of September 
Are flights open from Australia to Pakistan?
If we talk about direct flight so they are not available from Australia to Pakistan. But you can find cheapest flights with fewest stops that can help you to reach your destination. 
How long is flight from Pakistan to Australia?
If we talk about the complete duration of flight from Pakistan to Australia so, it is 11 hours and 56 minutes. 


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