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Bahawalpur is one of the modest gems of beauty of Pakistan. A princely state right up to Freedom, the city brags some of the impressive architectural wonders and also some unique as well as ancient ones. Bahawalpur is the city which is located right near Cholistan Desert hence there are lots of attractions that have the ability of appealing every single tourists from the country and outside the state. Get best tour packages to Northern areas of Pakistan.

It is one of the major cities across Punjab province. Bahawalpur is the capital of Bahawalpur district while the 13th most populous city of the country. This city actually has royal history, and is now a much developed municipal city. Bahawalpur Tourism for the tourists from the country is undoubtedly a worthwhile decision. Get book tour to Bahawalpur, Cholistan.

Tour Packages for Darbar Mehal, Noor Mehal, Derawar Fort, Uch Sharif

Basically it is situated near the prehistoric as well as ancient cities of Uch and Harappa, which were once the authority of the Delhi Sultanate and Indus Valley Civilization. Because Bahawalpur has been home to most of the kings as well as Nawabs, hence the Bahawalpur tourist attractions are famous among the visitors due to their valuable history. There are lots of places to visit in Bahawalpur and among these places the palaces built by the kings for themselves are of the major attraction. Some major tourist’s attractions in Bahawalpur include Darbar MehalNoor Mehal, Derawar FortUch Sharif etc.

Bahawalpur is the city which has a rich culture of dining out. During the Bahawalpur city tour, the dine-out in the city has numbers of things to offer to the visitors. There is a wide variety of cuisines as well as restaurants be it 5 star to different cafes. Moreover, for the completion of dining experience, Bahawalpur has an extensive range of desert shops.

For spending time there are lots of shopping malls and markets in city offering the best items to the visitors. These include Shahi Bazaar, Machli Bazaar, Farid Gate and The Mall is the main shopping markets. Some of the other includes Bobby Plaza, Takbeer Shopping Mall as well as Time and Prince.

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Besides, there is also Cholistan Rally near Bahawalpur which is also visited by the locals of Bahawalpur and of the great importance among the best tourist attractions. On we are providing you along with the best Bahawalpur Tour Packages 2023 that you can choose and starts your journey towards Bahawalpur from any city.   



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