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Naran Valley is the area which is a masterpiece of natures’ marvel and is located in the northern areas of Pakistan under KPK province. The place is known as a hub of tourism by all the traveling lovers. It has seen that people travel to Naran again and again throughout the years which means it is such a place that can never bore anytime. There are a lot of things located around Naran Valley which make the valley favorite and out of these things or areas the one which is the main reason for its popularity is Burawai Mountain.  In order to find the Best Tour Packages for Burawai feel free to contact us at trips.pk and book your tour right now. 

Best Family & Group Tour Plans 2023 Naran | Burawai

Well, it is true that when you will set off for your journey, obviously, your main purpose to look Burawai Mountain. But, it is not true that you will just look Burawai and take some snaps of it and also capture some selfies, and come back to home. You will find some other places located around this mountain to make your tour memorable and incredible. Here we offer the Best Tour Packages for Burawai according to day-wise tour packages or plans and destination wise tour packages and plans. 
We also offer some different categories of activities to do according to the availability with respect to destinations and duration of tours. For example, if you are going to make some Expedition Activities Tour Packages in Naran on the mountain areas, or want to do 3 days group camping Burawai trip in the valleys near to riverside or lakes you will be provided.

Best Place To Visit In Burawai Pakistan

As we have described that Burawai is a mountainous area that is surrounded by a series of places. These places are included in Naran valleys, Kaghan Valleys, Lalazar area, Dudipatsar Trail, Lake Saiful Muluk, and Ansoo Lake, etc. So, chose the best places you want to explore along with Burawai and add these places to the provided tour packages for Burawai and see the fun. Cheap packages for 5 Days Trip to Hunza and Khunjerab pass.  



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