Canada is 2nd largest city according to area in this world and one of the top countries to entertain tourist throughout the year. There is no shortage of unique places to explore in Canada. This country is rich with cultural cities and most exotic natural picnic places for the foreign tourists.  Whole country is filled with natural wonders and beauty that you cannot deny. 

There are several places to go in Canada like Rocky Mountain, Toronto, Vancouver Ottawa, Montreal and Nigeria falls. These are some of the most popular destination in whole Canada. Other than beautiful city the North coast of this country is equally impressive with its eye catching natural beauty. The tourist can find the most fascinating nature wonders like Nahanni National park and small towns like Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Churchill here. 

Fun Places to Visit in Canada

Being one of the largest country in the world Canada possess tourists fun places to visit. These places will not only make your trip worth but also let you make good memories. So here are the top 3 places to visit when you plan a tour to Canada.

Nigeria Falls the World Largest Natural Water Fall

No trip to Canada is complete without visiting the world famous Nigeria falls. This natural water fall is between the border of Canada and America, and it is one of the tourist most visited place 2024 in the whole world. Each year almost 3.5 million visitors travel to see this beautiful natural wonder which is an hour drive away from Toronto. The approximate area of these massive water falls is 57 meters and you can take a closer look from many different points. Get Honeymoon cheap Canada tours at cheap rates. It is easy to get a closer look to Nigeria fall now a day due to reliable boats but in the past many people died in attempt to get a closer look. There is an adjacent water falls to Nigeria fall where tourist go through Clifton hill and enjoy their picnic spot.

Toronto Biggest City of Canada Cheap Tours from Pakistan

This is the brashest and biggest city of Canada, known as the wonder of present modern architecture. This city is mostly mistaken as the Capital of Canada by Visitors and hold the population of over 6 million residents. Toronto most popular destination. There is no shortage of Diverse culture in Toronto because most residents of this city is migrant from other countries. Like Chinese, Indians, Scottish, Irish and Italians. In 2009 it was named as one of the most mixed culture city in the world.

Banff Natural Park Near Rocky Mountain

This is one of the best places in Canada to visit for backpackers. It is the combination of two islands, one is smaller than the other one. Both islands are pretty quiet in the day time unless the night falls and the party gets started. Usually, most party activities are done on a small island because big island caters more families and couple travellers. To reach any of this island the travellers a boat ride. The island is mostly empty in the winter but in summer there is not a place to put your foot on. This island is the best 3 Picnic spot in Canada.


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