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8 Days Perfect Tour to Hunza Skardu

PKR. 32500 PKR. 35000
Duration: 8 Days
Departure: HunzaOn Request
Highlights: Hazara Motorway, Naran, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Chilas, Jaglot, Mountain Junction, Nanga Parbat View, Skardu, Shangri ...

Explore Phandar Valley for 5 Days

PKR. 27000 PKR. 27500
Duration: 5 Days
Departure: WATERLOOVILLEOn Request
Included: Travel in a private air-conditioned vehicle.
Highlights: Phandar Valley, exploration, 5-day trip, natural beauty, adventure, scenic landscapes, pristine lakes, hiking trails, c ...

8 Days Long Tour to Hunza and Skardu Valley

PKR. 30000
Duration: 8 Days
Departure: SkarduOn Request
Included: Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Tour Guide, Photography.
Highlights: Balakot, Chillas, Skardu, Astak Nala, Shangrila resort, Kachura, Cold Desert, Basb e Shigar, Shigar Royal Fort, Manthoka ...

5 Days Trip to Hunza Khunjerab Pass

PKR. 25000 PKR. 26500
Duration: 5 Days
Departure: GilgitOn Request
Included: Luxury Transport, Accommodation, Hygienic food, Sightseeing , Bone fire, BBQ, Photography, Tour Guide
Highlights: Mansehra, Abbottabad, Thakot, Besham, Dassu, Chillas, Raikot, Jaglot, Gilgit, Nagar, Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, 3M Point, ...

07 Days Trip to Skardu Valley

PKR. 25999 PKR. 29499
Duration: 7 Days
Departure: LahoreOn Request
Included: Dinner (6 nights) and Breakfasts (7 mornings)
Highlights: Balakot / Kiwai, Naran and Batakundi, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Chillas / Gilgit, Skardu, upper Kachura lake, Shangrila ...
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Chilas is a small town which is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan on the Indus River. The natural beauty of Chilas and irreplaceable educational opportunities make it undoubtedly a perfect destination for all the visitors. During summer the warm climate of Chilas relaxes the soul and also gleaming sunshine shines onto the sparkly still water where the waves are only created due to the boat. The emotions strengthened you to come across one of the miracles of the majestic Passu Cathedrals rise intensely behind the trembling clouds. Planning a Tour to Chilas during summer or even winter can be proved worthwhile if you love to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here on we have provided a wide range of Affordable Chilas 2023 Tour Packages to make your trip memorable. 

Family & Vacation Tour Plans 2023 In Chilas | Karakorum Highway

So, you are going to spend your holiday activities, you are with your friends to get together or you are going with family tours. For every reason, Chilas is the best option for you. And here you can find the separate tours with unique natures according to your need and way to fun.
We offer Best Tour Packages 2023 of different duration with different activity plans. You can choose the Chilas best tour packages to 2023 just according to your need. There are travelers exists who also want to get some exceptional experience and want to make some adventurous activities tours Pakistan. For those people, expedition experiences and camping experience, we also offer. 

Best Place To Visit In Chilas

If you are thinking that we are just moving you towards a small town as we have described that Chilas is a small town or city. Well, you are to inform that you are thinking wrong. It is true that the place is a small town but it is surrounded by a lot of places that are not just the places but the wonders offered by Pakistan. For example, the Karakorum highway is passing alongside it. Checkout the Prices of 8 Days Tour to Hunza, Skardu, Deosai & Shigar valley. You can also view the breathtaking sight of the Indus River flowing through it. Moreover, a series of mountains as the boundary of the city are located all are just making the place wonderful and are offering a lot of wonders to explore while traveling Chilas. 
So, here we arrange different Tour Packages to Chilas 2023 that cover different areas to explore. Get 5 Days Trip To Hunza & Khunjerab pass tour packages.. Choose the right option and have fun in your vacation period.  



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