Croatia is one of the most popular countries when you visit europe in the current era. The popularity of this region of Europe began after its war of independence in 1990. This country is among one of the oldest countries in the world and has hundreds of medieval era ruins in it. The Croatia fun places are its natural scenery and peaceful lifestyle. There are many places for nature-loving tourists to visit like Plitvice lake and Adriatic coastline are top Croatia tourist best vacation destination. 
This country is filled with gorgeous islands and seashores, and last but not least the sea view from the oldest medieval town is a sight to remember. It has a Diocletian Palace who was a Roman Emperor and this palace is almost 1700 years old but still hold its shape. There are dozens of beautiful places to visit in this beautiful country for the tourists. You can get many tour packages for Croatia from your local travel agency.

Places to visit in Croatia:

When it comes to natural beauty in Europe than Croatia will be at the top of the list, this country is filled with nature specular sceneries as well as it is a great destination for that tourist who loves hiking. Some of the best places to visit in this country are followed.

Krka National Park:

This is a protected area located in central Dalmatia and a piece of wonder when it comes to natural beauty. There is almost everything in this park which is loved by a tourist. It is located on the shores of Krka river this national park is famous for its gushing waterfalls. There are dozens of natural pools of clear water in the territory of this park. The park is well maintained and offer fully build walkways throughout the park and there is a trail to every waterfall. If you love swimming, then this is a place to visit for you. Read travel insurance ultimate checklist during the travel.

Main streets of Stardun:

Stardun is a beautiful city in Croatia which is famous for its beautiful streets. These streets are like a net all over the city connecting south end gate of the city to the west end gate. They are built in the ancient time with beautiful marble and has many historic buildings which are now turned into restaurants and cafes these cafes are becoming top fun places to visit in Croatia.

Pula Arena the medieval warrior Arena:

This is an ancient Roman Arena which was built in the 1st century and one of the biggest megastructures by the Roman empire which is still preserved. This Arena was once used for legendary gladiator fights, and it is situated in the center of the city. Now this Arena is being used to host many events like exhibitions, concerts and film festivals. Get great family tour packages 2020 here.

Zadar the ancient city:

This city is almost 3-thousand-year-old and has a rich cultural Roman History to attract tourists. Situated on a beautiful coastline of Dalmatian, it is an ideal tourist getaway. The heart of this city is its old town which has many ancient Roman building ruins and great Seaview.

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