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The roads of Fairy Meadows are not easy to cross but if you like adventures then a tour to Fairy Meadows can be the most memorable trip of your life. To have lifetime exposure plan a safe trip with us with very suitable and budget friendly packages ever. Enjoy the magical journey of Fairy meadows with trips.pk .

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Updated July 2023

It indeed is a fairyland in the literal sense. Its not a fairy land in its name, but once you get there you find yourself at the top of the world and out of this world at the same time. Our tour packages to Fairy Meadows bring you carefully planned tours under the consistent assistance our local tour guides, best transportation services and hotel stays that are convenient for your night stays.

Fairy Meadows has been a favourite spot for the local as well as foreign tourists since decades. It is so due to solid reason of it being one of the loveliest natural spots for the natural beauty seeker. We recommend this Fairy Meadows tours for the young who don’t know what the love more: the beauty of nature or adventure. 

Do you ever heard the stories of fairies in your childhood and kept the desire in your heart to see such distant places to get familiarity with such wonders of the world? Obviously, you will show a positive emotive utterance about this idea. So, you are to inform that this is not only based on fantasy but in real life, you can see such divine places and Pakistan is one such example in offering such wonders. Tours to Fairy-Meadows offers you such adventures in real life. Here at trips.pk you can find the Cheap Tour Packages to Fairy Meadows 2023. Trips.pk is a platform that is totally concerned with traveling and tourism. If you are the real fonder of traveling then you are to be invited here to broaden your vision and passion for tourism. Book honeymoon tour packages at fairy meadows.

Tour plans inside Pakistan and throughout the world, we offer to those who really want to have some adventures in their lives. Today we are offering you the best place, to get an exceptional tourism experience in your life, which is Fairy-Meadows. 

Camping Tour Packages to Fairy Meadows

Here we are offering the Tour Plans or Packages 2023 Pakistan of different natures. You can book the tour plan according to the days’ availability, you can book the best tour packages to Fairy-Meadows 2023 according to your gathering and with any other availability, we come to entertain you. Currently, we are offering 07 Days Tour To Fairy-Meadows  to you. This tour plan will not only cover the Fairy-Meadows but almost all the wonders lying near Fairy-Meadows you can explore in these 07 days. 

Moreover, another best option with Fairy-Meadows tour plan prices also exists here. In this tour plan, you can also explore the beautiful and breathtaking sights. Furthermore, the tour plans according to the activities also offered here. In these tour plans, you can find different adventurous activities. These adventures can be done by the camping activities for which a number of places are lying around Fairy-Meadows. Fairy-Meadows also offers you the mountainous areas and hilly areas which allow you to make Camping Tour Pacages Pakistan and expedition activities as well. 

Best Place To Visit In Fairy-Meadows

Fairy Meadows is itself the most beautiful place and, at the same time, it is surrounded by a lot of beautiful and attractive sites. These charming places are included in Nanga Parbat Mountain RangesHunza ValleyRailkot BridgeTattu Treking, and some others. All these places add your adventures and memories

Fairy Meadows Weather 

Fairy Meadows, Pakistan, boasts enchanting weather year-round. Spring brings colorful blooms, summer dazzles with lush greenery, and autumn displays picturesque foliage. Winter transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland, attracting adventurous travelers. Each season offers a unique and memorable experience in this mystical destination.

Winter in Fairy Meadows

October - March

Fairy Meadows is among the various tourist destinations that has been attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. It is situated at the base of Nanga Parbat in Gilgit Baltistan. It is a lush green park providing the most breathtaking views also known as the national park of Pakistan. The weather conditions vary throughout the year, mostly pleasant and windy. However, the winter season at Fairy Meadows experiences extreme cold and snowfall. The temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius to an approximate range of 2 °C to -10 °C which is why it is often inaccessible to visit fairy meadows. Tourists who look forward to visiting Fairy Meadows are advised to pack warm clothing to bear the chilly winds and extreme snowfall. Due to the heavy snowfall the roads are often compromised and filled with snow which is why tourists are advised to plan their journey ahead of time.

Spring in Fairy Meadows

April - September

The most exciting season to visit Fairy Meadows is during the spring. The spring season kicks off in March and extends till April end or May mid. It is one of the most preferred seasons for tourists to enjoy their holiday getaway to Fairy Meadows. You can enjoy the refreshing surroundings of Fairy Meadows and make the most of it. Spring blossoms cause delight throughout, making it an ideal time to experience the fresh flowers and stunning beauty of Fairy Meadows. Due to the pleasant weather, tourists are able to explore the villages surrounding the meadows. The popular destinations you could look forward to on your visit to Fairy Meadows during the spring season include Nanga Parbat Viewpoint, Nanga Parbat base camp, Reflection Lake, and Tattu Village.

Summer in Fairy Meadows

September - November 

Fairy Meadows is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Pakistan's Gilgit Baltistan region. Due to its splendid beauty and breathtaking views, it is claimed as heaven on earth. There are several tourists who visit fairy meadows throughout the year to experience the most stunning natural beauty however, during the summer season, huge crowds are welcomed from across the country. The temperature during the summer season ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius, with pleasant winds and rain often. When the scorching summer sun hits the lower regions of the country, people often look forward to spending some time in refreshing and peaceful atmospheres. Fairy meadows could be your next holiday getaway for your summer holidays, where you would be able to enjoy outdoor activities; camping, picnic, a stroll across the park, and more.

Autumn in Fairy Meadows

March - May

Fairy Meadows is a magnificent natural beauty in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is widely popular among tourists coming from all over the county. When it comes to the autumn season in the meadows, it is a particularly enchanting time of the year when the meadows undergo a magical transformation. The autumn season begins in September and lasts till November when the fairy meadows are filled with warm and vibrant colours. The weather conditions during autumn are mild and pleasant, making it an ideal time to spend and enjoy nature hikes. The crowds are less during the autumn season, which is why you can enjoy and immerse in the natural beauty of the fairy meadows. If you look forward to visiting fairy meadows during autumn, you will get an unforgettable experience.


It is special due to its beautiful green plateaus and Nanga Parbat (the killer mountain) the 9th largest mountain in the world.

The best months to visit Fairy Meadows are April-May and September-October. This is not the peak season for traveling so you can easily enjoy your stay there.

No, there are no signals in Fairy Meadows.

Yes, water turbines are used to produce electricity in Fairy Meadows.

No flights goes directly to Fairy Meadows, you will first have to take a flight to Gilgit Airport than from there via the road to Fairy Meadows.

An average trip to Fairy Meadows costs RS. 21000-25000.



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