Gorakh hills are located in Dadu district of Sindh, Pakistan. They are one of the topmost and coolest areas of Sindh that's why they are also called The Murree of Sindh. Gorakh hills are one of the Best Places to visit in Sindh, they remain cool even in the days of midsummer. The best time to visit Gorakh Hill Station is in February and March.


It provides wonderful sceneries to tourists and lovely weather. These hills are 1,734 meters high which is equal to 5,689 feet. It is located in the Kirthar Mountains. During Summer, Gorakh hill station has usually a temperature of about 20°C and during winter, it goes even below 0°C.


Sometimes Gorakh Hill Snowfall could be seen, but very less often. Although the roads were not so developed, nowadays roads are being constructed on Gorakh Hill Station to facilitate the tourists. There is a government hotel on Gorakh Hill Station which could be dear but the journey of Gorakh hills is very enjoying and lovely. You can find here Best tour plans 2024 for Gorakh Hills.

Best Tour Packages Gorakh Hill Station | Hill Station Tour Packages

It is the best chance to visit Gorakh Hills. Here you can get Gorakh Hills Best Tour Packages 2024. You can also book hotel there to spend your night. Just explore the Tour packages for Gorakh Hill Station here and prepare for your trip if you want to enjoy the beauty of tourist places in Pakistan. 


You can fix Summer huts/ tents in Gorakh Hills and you can capture several amazing scenes in Gorakh Hills throughout your stay. Gorakh Hills Tour Plans are provided by cheap travel agents but you can also visit on your own but then you have to arrange everything by yourself.

Best Place to Visit in Gorakh | Gorakh Hill Top Resort

In Gorakh Hills, all around you will see are grey or brown colour hills. You can take the journey of these high and low hills. You are recommended to wear Hiking Boots because there is rocky land and common shoes may get broken. The best place to visit in Gorakh Hill Stations is the Gorakh Mount but there is danger in hiking over it and there is no water available on the mountain. Book adventure tour packages here.


Another beautiful place to visit in Gorakh Hill Station is Gorakh Hill top resort which is a restaurant. Wish you a best and a safe journey.


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