India is one of those countries who are immersing as one of the best places to visit for tourist by India tourism statistics  of 2020. The reason behind this is that there is a rich historical heritage of India that attract tourists toward it. There are almost 250 cities in India which are worth seeing. Most people go to India to find out the mysterious Muslim Hindu infused culture and the great food variety that its street has to offer. Now if we go on detail then there is no end to cultural history of India because it’s one of the oldest country in the world. See the cultural tours packages.
From all these options we are going to discuss about the top places that have become the attraction for the tourists globally and are most visited city in India by foreign tourists.

Kashmir- The Heaven on Earth:

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful valley in the whole world that have come across in human eye.  This valley is known for its mesmerizing beauty and that’s why it is named as Heaven on Earth. With the picture perfect meadows, woods of pines, lakes and fruit orchards it is a place to visit for everyone. You will feel more close to nature ones you reaches there. The main attraction of this valley is the boat ride on Shikara on Dal Lake. This valley have the most beautiful Mughal gardens. Every international tourist who visit India should visit this valley. Have a cheap visit to China one of the most visited country inthe world.

Leh-Ladakh Most Visited Places India:

It is a part of India which is throughout the year covered with snow. The iconic snow crapped mountains, enchanting valleys and last but not least Buddhist monasteries are the main attraction of Lah Ladakh valley. This is one of the most visited places of India by nature loving tourists who are seeking peace of mind and trying to get closer to nature.

Delhi- City History:

As being the Capital of India Delhi is one of the best traveling destination for any tourist. This city is known for the most vibrant markets, street food and old history that it contain. It has been the capital of India from Mughal region. Now it’s one of the most advance city of India that contain most stunning malls, Luxury restaurants and hotels. It is the best example of infusion between old heritage and modernization. Choose the perfect city according to your mood.

Agra-Taj Mahal :

The name don’t need any introduction. The city is the home place for one of world seven wonders known as Taj mahal. The tomb represent the greatest love story of Mughal era and now a days became a symbol of love for youth. But just Taj Mahal is not the only attractive thing about Agra. This city also holds the oldest heritage in the world. Other than Taj mahal there are two other main attraction for the tourists in this city one is Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikiri. 
For those who want to travel India these places are the one they should focus on. Other than just their beauty these places contain the most old cultural history in the world.

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