The northern areas of Pakistan all are the wonders and marvels’ of nature. When you go there you spiritually feel that you are walking in the land of heaven. So, if you are looking to walk in such a divine place then today we will suggest you make a tour to Kaghan Valley and for this purpose the best Kaghan Tour Packages 2024 are offered here by trips.pk.
Kaghan valley exists between the areas of Shogran and Naran that are also the divine places on the earth. When you travel from the height of Shogran towards valley Kaghan the mountainous area you are crossing through a small road and when you take a look in the depth opposite to mountain the flow and clear water of river Kanhar offers you such a breathtaking scene. Obviously, this idea will raise the desire to visit such a divine place. But, if you are not so familiar in arranging your tour then do not be a worry at all and feel free to contact us today and book your best Kaghan 3 days tour packages. 

Honeymoon | Family | Students Tour Packages To Kaghan 2024

We at trips.pk offer our customers and the traveling fonder the tour packages with different options that one can easily assess the time and budget according to these tour packages or plans. Currently, we are offering the three tour plans to explore the Kaghan valley and keep it in mind that you will not be limited until the Kaghan valley but you would also see the wonders of the surrounding areas. Adventure tour to Shogran and Naran is one best option through which you can cover the most beautiful places including Shogran, Kaghan, and Naran valley.
Then another best option for you is to Book 03 Days tour to Naran Kaghan and Babusar Top. This plan is, somehow, extended and will lead you towards Babusar top which is the highest and peak point of mountainous areas of the northern area of Pakistan. The third tour is also available with a slight difference in budget and duration. 

Best Time to Visit Kaghan Valley

During the summer the temperature drops to 20 degrees and in the winter it may reach beyond the freezing point. Although in winter the travelers can witness the jaw-dropping beauty of the valley in such a cold temperature it is recommended to come well prepare due to the high chance of the snowfall. The best time to visit the Kaghan valley is from July to September.

Mansehra | Balakot | Siri Pae | Shogran to Naran Valley | Lake Saif ul Malook

From the above discussion, you may have received the idea that except Kaghan valley you can explore some other wonders while traveling to Kaghan. But, here we are going to give you the detail that actually what places you can explore while traveling to Kaghan. First of all, you are to inform that when you start the Tour from Lahore to Kaghan or tour from Islamabad to Kaghan a series of wonders come to see. From Mansehra, Balakot, Siri Pae, Shogran to Naran valley, Lake Saif ul Malook, and even Babusar Top all the beautiful art of nature you can explore with one or single tour. So, chose one of the best Kaghan tour packages 2024 offered here.   


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