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4 Day Trip to Uchal Festival Kalash

PKR. 17500 PKR. 18500
Duration: 4 Days
Departure: Kalash ValleyOn Request
Included: 4 Breakfast and 3 Dinner
Highlights: Lahore, Islamabad, Swat, Chitral Bazaar, Kalash

Celebrate Chilam Joshi Festival in the beautiful Valleys of Kalash

PKR. 17999
Duration: 4 Days
Departure: Kalash ValleyOn Request
Highlights: • Chilam Joshi Festival • Bumburet Valley • Kalash Museum • Kalash Graveyard • Kalash Fish Farm • Ayun Valley • Kalasha ...


PKR. 30600
Duration: 6 Days
Departure: Kalash ValleyOn Request
Highlights: Ancient Greeks Alexander the Great Kaghan Valley Neelam Valley Naltar Valley Hunza Valley

Winter Festival Chawmos Kalash Chitral KPK Pakistan 2018

PKR. 18800
Duration: 5 Days
Departure: IslamabadOn Request
Highlights: Our Package Include:? Private Transport: From Islamabad-Islamabad, Toyota Jeeps from Ayun to Kalash & return to Ayun, A...

4 Days Trip to Choimus Winter Festival Of Kalash

PKR. 15000
Duration: 4 Days
Departure: LahoreOn Request
Highlights: Our Service Include:Quality Food, Luxury Transport, Accommodation on 3 to 4 Person sharing, Services of a Guide, Basic f...

7 Days Trekking and Camping Tour of Kumrat Chitral and Kalash valley

PKR. 24500
Duration: 7 Days
Departure: LahoreOn Request
Highlights: Our Pacakge Include;Private Luxury Saloon Air Conditioned /Heated Coaster/High Roof, Jeep on 7/8 sharing (If Required), ...

If you are looking to spend your Holidays or vacations at the places where you can find the breathtaking sights and at the same time you are eager to explore the new cultures celebrate in your own country then we are offering you the best option to visit Kalash Valley. It is true that every single northern area of Pakistan shows its distinctive and wonderful culture and living standard and all are wonderful and full of rituals but here we are going to discuss Kalash. Check the Prices of Kalam Tour Packages for Families here.
On a special occasion the sound of drums rises from every corner of Kalash valley and young boys and girls with exotic and special wardrobe come to see and there are dancing, singing and sounds come to see and hear from everywhere. The people are too friendly and with a unique lifestyle exist in Kalash Valley. Moreover, the beautiful sceneries, the weather, and valleys are other ways to visit Kalash. So, in the case to experience this unique culture book today the offered best tour packages to Kalash 2023.

Prices of Trekking & Camping Tour of Kumrat Chitral | Kalash Valley:

Kalash Valley where offer the unique cultural activates, at the same time, you can also get some other unique experiences. If you are looking for camping activities then the Kalash valley can be the best option. Moreover, the place also offers you the option to do expedition activities and other adventurous activities at mountains, lakes, and valleys. 
Currently, with the best tour plan, we come here. You are offering at trips.pk with Trekking and Camping Tour of Kumrat Chitral and Kalash Valley. You can find here the complete description of this tour. Through this tour plan, you are not only limited to explore Kalash valley but a lot of activities you can do there. So, for which command are you waiting. Go ahead and book best honeymoon tour to Kalash 2023 to not only explore the unique culture but also to get exceptional traveling experiences.  

Famous Festivals in Kalash Valley :    

Festivals are among one of the main reasons to visit the Kalash valley as it presents a feast to the eyes of the visitors. Colorful rituals, dancing, drinking, and the beautiful display of the cultural clothes add the charm to the time of the festivals.
The Famous Festivals in the Kalash Valley are:
  1. Chilam Joshi - in May
  2. Uchau - in autumn, usually September
  3. Choimus - Two weeks around the midwinter

Best Places to Visit in Kalash:

Kalash Valley is surrounded by natures’ marvel and many wonders. From which city do you belong it doesn’t matter because trips.pk can book your tour of Kalash Valley from almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Booking of Kalash tour from Lahore and booking of Kalash tour from Islamabad and some other options too are available here at trips.pk.Check many of  Bumburet Valley Tours Packages
Sometimes, people do not have the idea that what places are located around the place where they are actually going to visit. Under this dilemma, people failed to explore other wonders that are just near to them. Kalash is actually located in Chitral which doesn’t only include on Kalash valley but Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir are also the main valleys to visit in Chitral. So, find out all these wonders and much more through the given Best Tour Packages to Kalash Valley.


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