Kallar Kahar is the subdivision of the Chakwal district and is the famous tourist destination of Punjab. It is also considered as the crown of salt range. It is known for the natural gardens, the habitat of a peacock, shrine of a Sufi saint, and saltwater lake. Distance from Kallar Kahar to Islamabad is 125 km. The most preferred month to visit Kallar Kahar is November as the cold breezes began to blow across Punjab at that time. This increases the charm of this place and makes it a must-visit spot to explore its beauty. The trips.pk provides you the Cheap Price Kallar Kahar Tour Packages on this platform. The details of all the packages are mentioned here that assist the people to look for the best available option.

Kallar Kahar Tour Packages | Para Motor Riding Packages in Kallar Kahar

There are many Tourist Points in Kallar Kahar and some of them are notable for the historical perspective. Kallar Kahar Lake is a famous tourist resort that attracts visitors. Its surrounding areas are the habitat of various bird species especially peacock. During winter the arrival of birds from several regions makes this place more beautiful and fascinating for tourists. At the bank of the lake, there are many gift shops, guest houses, picnic point, and restaurants to facilitate the tourists. During the Kallar Kahar Tour, the people can also visit Takht-e- Babri and Bagh-e- Safa built by the emperor Babar. We also offer Murree Tour Packages in Cheap Price.

Activities to do in Kallar Kahar

The people can enjoy Para Motor Ride and pedal boating on the Kallar Kahar Lake. Paragliding in Kallar Kahar provides the majestic view of its lake and creates a breathtaking sight to view. The visitors can also do the hiking on the Kallar Kahar hill for adventure purposes. The Kallar Kahar trip provides several recreational activities that people come here to spend their holidays.

Choose One Day Best Tour Package to Kallar Kahar

Kallar Kahar one day trip is enough to visit this scenic town. The tour packages are offered from different cities of Pakistan. The interested people can check the tour package and choose the suitable one by considering their requirements. The visitors have to travel 225 km from Lahore to Kallar Kahar to enjoy the beauty of this place. The people can check the best Kallar Kahar tour packages on trips.pk and plan your trips to this fascinating destination. 


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