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Kashmir is the jewel of the Sub-Continent with amazing scenery and a landscape that everyone admires. A wonderful weather with clean air and wonderful people make the ideal setting for an amazing trip.

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Kashmir Weather

Kashmir's weather adds a captivating layer to the overall travel experience. From the rejuvenating spring to the adventurous summer, the colorful autumn, and the enchanting winter, each season in Kashmir unfolds a different chapter of its beauty. So, brace yourself for the ever-changing weather and embark on a journey that will immerse you in the unparalleled charm of Kashmir, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Kashmir in Winter

October - March

Kashmir is one of the many tourist destinations widely popular among people. Due to its captivating natural beauty and breathtaking views the valley is considered to be one of the perfect destinations to spend your holidays. The valley receive significantly colder winter season when the temperature go even below 0 degree Celsius starting from November till February. The winter season in the valley is not considered to be the best time to visit Kashmir however, it is surely the best time if you look forward to experience winter sports. It provides the beautiful picture of snowcapped mountains in the valley during the winter season. If you plan to visit Kashmir during winters you are advised to pack your clothes accordingly. Furthermore, it is also wise to book your hotels beforehand as winter in Kashmir is often crowded with trekking and snow lovers coming from all over the country.

Kashmir Tours in Summer

April - September

Kashmir is known to be heaven on earth due to its spectacular beauty. Many tourists turn towards Kashmir for their holidays and enjoy nature’s beauty at its finest. The summer season in Kashmir begins during the month of May when the day gets warmer and the nights are comfortable cool. It is also known as the peak season in the valley when the crowds are large which is why the prices tend to be higher than the routine. However, due to the comfortable mid weather tourists are able to explore the valley in well-manner. Some of the spots to enjoy during your visit to Kashmir in summers include Toli Peer, Banjosa lake, Ratti Gali lake, and much more.

Kashmir in Autumn

September - November 

Kashmir is widely famous for being heaven on earth. Tourists from all over the country can visit Kashmir anytime of the year. The valley experiences all four seasons giving valley a unique look every season however, autumn season is regarded as the best time to visit Kashmir. The autumn season begins in October in the valley and extends till November. The temperature in autumn in the valley ranges from 9 degree Celsius to a 20 degree Celsius. The days are pleasant and slightly warm however, the nights are chilly. The beauty of the valley during the autumn is breathtaking. The floors are filled with red and yellow leaves from all the famous chinar trees in the valley giving off an absolute spectacular view.

Kashmir Tours in Spring

March - May

Kashmir is known to be one of the most breathtaking destinations to plan your family holidays or honeymoon tours. The valley has stunning natural beauty to attract a number of tourists coming from all over the world. The people of the valley experiences all weathers throughout the year. The spring season in the Kashmir begins in mid-March and extends till mid-May. This season is known as the season of pleasant weather. The valley gives the stunning refreshing and blooming look during the spring season. A number of tourists turn towards Kashmir during the season spring due to its comfortable weather after the long chilly winters. The best destinations to visit during your trip to Kashmir in the spring season include Ratti Gali Lake, Banjosa Lake, Arang Kel, and much more. The temperature during the spring season in the valley ranges from 20-30°C and is considered pleasant and warm.


In Azad Kashmir, there are many beautiful places you can visit such as Ganga Choti, Arang Kel, Ratti Gali, Pir Chinasi, Neelum Valley and many more.

If we talk about things the dry fruits, pashmina shawls, silverware, traditional jewelry, and carpets are famous here.

The cost of the tour to Kashmir depends on the places you are visiting an average per place tour may cost you RS. 20,000 to 30,000.

Yes, it is really safe to visit Kashmir because the crime rate here is very low and the local residents are very friendly to travelers.

You can visit Kashmir in any month depending on the type of person you are. If you are a snow lover then you should visit in winters and if you like greenery then you should visit except winters.

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