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Around few years back, very few people knew about Kumrat Valley. Thanks to the famous picture of Imran Khan in Kumrat Valley that made this hidden treasure a sudden hit among the trekkers and campers. So, gear up and get ready for Eid trips to Kumrat Valley. Take a break and get yourself immersed in the nature by spending not just a day but a night alongside the freshwater streams under the moon and stars. Talk to our travel experts to get you the best tour package for Kumrat at reasonable cost for you, your friends or for your honeymoon. Happy travelling. 
Different regions of the world show different infrastructure and pattern of land. Besides the composition and structural talking of the world, the living style of the world is also mentionable when talked about the wonders of the world. In the world there are a lot of people with different lifestyles and cultures are inhabiting. The knowledge and idea of these life standards and cultures are only possible through tourism activities. People who have explored the world can only have the real importance of tourism. What almighty God has done to complete the world? The idea of this sense you can only get from tourism. The world is replete with a series of adventures and a 3 Days Tour to Kumrat valley can bring you all these things.

Camping Tour Packages 2024 for Kumrat Valley

If you are looking for the best time than this year go for a tour of Kumrat valley. It will be a guarantee that it will be your best tour of 2024. Kumrat valley is a true natural gem and you cannot simply describe its beauty in words. This valley is full of gushing mountains and waterfalls with beautiful scenery. Just because of these exotic locations Kumrat valley has become one of the most loved tourist spots of Pakistan. 

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This beautiful valley is situated in the upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtun Khan and almost 400Km and 9 hours’ drive away from the Capital. The nearest landmark to this valley is Gabral a Swat that is located opposite to it. Kumrat valley is full of gushing mountains and waterfalls with beautiful scenery and a perfect spot for hiking and other adventurous activities.

Kumrat Valley 3 DaysTour Packages Cost 2024 in Pakistan

If you want to visit this valley the best time is to plan your tour in Summer, the weather is very pleasant at that time of year. In addition, you can say that Pakistan is one of the cheapest and affordable countries as compared to other developed countries of the world that exist with the same breathtaking sights situated in Pakistan too. So you will get different tour Packages to Kumrat Valley like 3 Days Camping Trip Price to Kumrat Valley is the favorite one of them all because you can plan it even on weekends.

Seasons of Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is situated in the Dir district of Khyber Pakhtoon Khan, Pakistan. It's an hour's drive from the city of thal, followed by the banks of the Panjkora River. Later on, this bank gets divided into several streams, irrigating hundreds of acres of land.
Kumrat Valley is situated in the heart of KPK Province and is surely the reason for tourist attention from all around the world. It offers great places to visit and provides a very eye catchy and soothing landscape for tourists. 

Most Ideal Time for Visiting Kumrat Valley

Kumrat is just a tiny example of the wonders of nature; however, it is one of its kind. Kumrat has its aura and charm, which caters to its visitors all over the year. It offers numerous activities and attractions to its valued tourists throughout the year. 
Kumrat is very famous for its local craft like all of northern Pakistan. The beautiful hand embodied clothes, bags, cushions, and handmade carpets are readily available, and you can choose from a variety of beautiful products. 
Kumrat in Spring: (March to May)
Average Temperature:  -5oC (Min) to 13oC (Max)
Spring is the season; you should definitely experience it here in Kumrat. The beautiful flower blooming, the chirping of birds, early morning walks, and late-night bonfire, what else a person would want? 
Spring is a happening season as tourists experience rain and hailstorm. The weather is delightfully pleasant during this time. The crooked woods of Kumrat Valley is considered a hidden gem of Kumrat valley.
The thick forest followed by the sound of running water from Panjkora lake takes this place to another level. This place has its ambience and has a great mind soothing effect.
You can come for a day picnic here, and indeed you will have a great time here. Tourists can also go for walks and hiking as his season has a unique vibe that freshens up the soul and mind of its visitors.
You can go sightseeing during spring; this valley blooms differently. Lush green bushes and colourful flowers make this place even more beautiful. What would be more refreshing than seeing lush green trees in the rain? Cable cars, chair lifts, and numerous tourist attractions are available, and you can enjoy them fully.
Various local cuisines and fried food are available, and tourists get to taste different Pakistani dishes. The beauty of freshness of this place gets doubled in the Spring season, and you should pay a visit. 
Kumrat in Summers: (June to August)
Average Temperature: 09oC (Min) to 20oC (Max)
Most people prefer visiting it in the summers or at the start of winter, because this is when the weather is most pleasant, and you can roam around very easily with elders and toddlers.
There are numerous lakes and rivers to visit during summer. Panjkora lake flows between the Chakdara and Swat Rivers as it has steep slopes with lush green trees on both sides. The flow of chilled fresh water from the mountains tastes divine and is the reason for its continuous popularity. 
In summers, you can experience the flowing waterfall and small streams all around the place. Lush green trees and flowing freshwater would be a delightful sight, and people would surely enjoy it. 
The weather is pleasant, and tourists can go river rafting and could easily include water-related activities in their trip. You can also go fishing and would have a great time.
Catching fresh fish is a great activity and attracts many visitors worldwide. You can even get to cook their caught fish. Local vendors are available, and they can fry or steam fish according to the customer's demand. 
Jahaz Banda waterfall is a very photogenic spot for its visitors, hence its popularity. The beautiful weather and flowing water in the background provide an excellent backdrop for the tourists, and they prefer clicking their memorable pictures here.  
Kumrat in Autumn: (September to October)
Average Temperature:  2oC (Min) to 17oC (Max)
You can even enjoy camping here because it's the time of the year with tropical weather, and outdoor activities could get fun. It's an excellent opportunity to do camping in the beautiful Valley of Kumrat along with your friends and family. 
You can go boating, driving, and many fun sports during this season. Sunny days and breezy nights of Autumn make outdoors sports even more enjoyable.
You can go for a day picnic here, and indeed you will have a great time as tourists also come here for a small walk as this place has a unique vibe that freshens up the soul and mind of its visitors.
Kumrat in Winters: (December to February)
Average Temperature:  -11oC (Min) to 0oC (Max)
This beautiful natural place gets fully covered with white snow in winter, and people can enjoy snowfall with family and friends. What would be better than having hot chocolate in snowy weather along with friends and family? 
This valley gets many snowfalls which is the reason for its popularity even in winters. Kumrat gets fully covered with snow during winter. Tourists visit Kumrat for numerous snow activities such as ice skating and skiing. 
Multiple competitions also get organized to entertain the tourists. Snow skating is the most famous activity among adults, followed by making snowmen with ice is also a hit activity among children. 
Kumrat is also really famous for its breathtaking views. Tourists love seeing high peaks and bushes covered with snow; these sights are eye-soothing and attract many people worldwide to experience them.
Kumrat has numerous high-altitude mountains used by many visitors for hiking, zip-lining, and camping. Cable cars and chair lifts are a big hit during winter and attract many visitors.  
Competitions, such as snow skating, snow sculpting, and snow tubing, are being held for the tourists. It is a whole different vibe, and people should experience this once in their life. 

Autumn in Kumrat Valley.

Autumn typically lasts from September to November in Kumrat Valley. Temperatures range from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F) during this period, which is cooler and more pleasant overall. The valley gradually changes as the summer greenery gives way to a spectacular display of brilliant autumnal hues. It is a captivating season when the valley is filled with artistic natural beauty. It is considered an ideal time for tourists to plan and enjoy nature hikes, picnics under the sky, and indulge in different adventures. Tourists are advised to pack accordingly to enjoy the pleasant autumn in Kumrat Valley and make the most memories.

Spring in Kumrat Valley

In the Kumrat Valley, spring is a beautiful season when the landscape comes to life with vivid colors and rejuvenated beauty. The valley enjoys good weather conditions in the spring, which usually lasts from March to May, with pleasant temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C. The lush forests of Kumrat Valley, home to various trees like pine, cedar, and fir, are one of its primary attractions. These woodlands come to life in the spring with new growth and flowering plants, painting the valley in vivid hues. In addition to the beauty of cherry, apple, and apricot trees in bloom, the air is fragrant with flowers. Due to the melting snow, the rivers and streams in Kumrat Valley, including the Panjkora River, are at their highest volume during this time of year, producing a captivating visual spectacle. The local villagers in Kumrat Valley also celebrate different traditional festivals and customs during the spring season. During your vacation, you might get a chance to experience local cuisine, traditional music, and dance performances.

Summer in Kumrat Valley

The relaxed, calm summer atmosphere in Kumrat Valley is a welcome relief from the heat of the lowlands. Kumrat Valley, a region in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province famed for its magnificent scenery, is situated in the Upper Dir district. The valley offers mild temperatures during the summer season, making it an ideal spot for tourists to escape the scorching heat of the lower regions. The valley has a range of pathways for hikers, enabling them to explore the captivating scenery, go through lush forests, and take in the magnificent scenery of the mountains. It is an ideal time for tourists to enjoy camping under the stars. Summer season is a peak season in the valley when a large number of tourists are expected.

Winter in Kumrat Valley

In Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province's Upper Dir district, there is a hidden gem known as Kumrat Valley. This lovely valley is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, pristine surroundings, and peaceful environment. The beautiful mountains that surround Kumrat Valley give the surroundings a sense of grandeur. The winter seasons cold temperatures and periodic snowfall during the winter turn Kumrat Valley into a winter paradise. A magnificent state of mind is set by the snow-covered peaks, frozen lakes, and serene landscapes. Even if it might get cold, the season gives a special chance for winter recreation like skiing and bonfires as well as winter activities like snow trekking. Winter season is however considered as an off season for tourism in the valley which is why you could expect fewer crowds. Moreover, some roads are expected to be covered by snow which is why you must plan your visit wisely ahead of time.



The most ideal time to visit the beautiful Kumrat valley would be from May to September as the temperature in these months is moderate.Comparetively ,The winter season in Kumrat valley is ideal for extreme adventurers like skiing and mountain climbing in snow-capped mountains.

No, the Kumrat valley lies in the KPK province’s upper Dir district. The Kumrat valley is one of Allah’s most naturally beautiful places known all over the world.

The Kumrat valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of KPK province known for its fascinating deodar trees and woodland forests providing the valley with a fantasy land ambiance. The Kumrat valley is home to some of the lushest green forests, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and high-peaked mountains.

For the People who wish to visit Kumrat valley through Public vehicle transport, they must reach Mardan and from there they have to reach Thal, afterwards, they will have to rent out 4 wheel drive vehicle from Thal to reach Kumrat valley.

Depending on the days of accommodation and types of services the average cost of the tour to Kumrat valley costs between a range of Rs.15,000-25,000.



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