Malaysia is always ranked on the top when it comes to tourism. It mostly come second when it comes to Asia tourism just after Thailand. Malaysian tour packages are very reasonable and light on your pocket. Many people say that Malaysia is little bit expensive than Thailand because it’s a fact that Alcohol is a little bit cheaper in Thailand but all the other experience are as cheap as in Thailand. Destinations of the world that you can fly to under 1 lakh from Pakistan.
Malaysia total economy is relying on its trade and tourism where tourism covers almost 55 percent of total revenue generated by this country. Malaysia is considered one of the most natural and green countries of this world where beside from some big cities all the other area of the country is covered by greens. Get Malaysian Visa Consultancy from Best Consultants in Lahore
If a person is going to take a tour of whole Asia than there is no chance that he/she is going to skip Malaysia. The main reason behind this is the diversity of culture, beauty and adventure that Malaysia has to offer. There are many Places to visit in Malaysia some of them are given below.

Kuala Lumpur the Arriving Destination:

Kuala Lumpur is the arriving destination when a traveler go to Malaysia, so there is no doubt that you are going to visit when you take a tour to Malaysia. It is not such kind of crowded big city in which tourist come and straightaway try to go to hill or northern areas. Kuala Lumpur also offer a worthwhile destination to stay in. It has the mix culture of Malay, Indian and Chinese so there is no shortage of cultural and food infusion in this city. The diverse mix culture is one of the attraction of this city for tourists, it has one of the most exciting views and places to visit like Petronas tower, Perdana lake Garden and KL tower. Compare flights fare more then 50 airlines from Flights From Lahore to Kuala Lumpur.

Penang- biggest Island of Asia:

This is one of the biggest island of Asia and Malaysian are proud of it. It is situated on the west coast and has plenty to offer like museum, seaside fort, famous street food and most important of all historic homes which shows the heritage of this region. This island is considered one of the best Southeast Asian places to taste food of all types. All the food stalls are lined against waterfront.Book 8 Days Malaysia Tour Packages from Karachi 2020

Perhentian Island best place to visit for backpackers:

This is one of the best place to Visit for backpackers. It is the combination of two island one is smaller than the other one. Both islands are pretty quiet in the day time unless the night falls and party get started. Usually most party activities are done on the small island because big island caters more families and couple travelers. To reach to any of these island the travelers a boat ride. The island is mostly empty in the winter season but in summer there is not a place to put your foot on.
So here are some of the places that you guys should visit when Book Online Tour to Malaysia and Thailand and if you are trying to book package from Pakistan than you can visit for the best deals.

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