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Pakistan is a country which has always been considered as a paradise for the people who just love adventures. From the valleys and mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan and Northern Regions to the deserts and beaches of Balochistan, Pakistan actually has some of the most unique combinations of natural beauty all over the world. Get family and student tour packages for Malir beach.

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A Tour to Kund Malir Beach is just about to set on its journey along with the bests travel and tourism in the occasions of Karachi. Basically the Kund-Malir is a beach in Baluchistan, Pakistan structured in the Hingol National Park, almost 145 kilo meters away from Zero-Point on Makran Coastal Highway. Moreover, during the tour the drive between Kund Malir and Ormara is really considered to be magnificent.
Kund Malir region is the part of the Hingol National Park which is deliberated as the largest park of the country. From Karachi, to reach Kund Malir Beach it almost takes approximately four hours while there are no facilities available of food or fuel on the way. Undoubtedly, this beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches across the globe and people who visit this beach never for forget capturing the Kind Malir pictures as the iconic beauty of this beach is just inexpressible.
There are large numbers of Tourist’s Attractions at this place which are not only beautiful but also known for attaining the attention of the tourists from the country and outside the country as well. These tourist attractions include:
1. Coastal Belt of Makran Coastal Highway
2. Hingol National Park
3. Princes of Hope
4. Rock Formations
5. Hingol Desert

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The Makran costal highway is standing tall in the plains of Balochistan There is also the Great Sphinx and the resilient Princess of Hope. The neighboring Hingol National Park which is also considered as the hub of wildlife of Balochistan, calls to be explored. The adjacent beach, together with its sparkling azure waters, insists the visitors to spend the night camping on its peaceful coastline.
To make your trip memorable as well as to explore this beautiful region, many travel and tourism companies are offering the best Affordable Malir Beach Tours. Here on you can explore numerous affordable Kund Malir Packages and can choose the one that meets your requirements. 



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