In the northern areas of Pakistan, every single piece of land is blessed with lots of natural wonders and Mansehra is one of those pieces of land. Mansehra is a small-sized city and the capital of the district Mansehra that is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. If you have ever visited Mansehra then you are familiar with the beauty of the Mansehra city. Get tour packages for Sikh Fort Mansehra.
However, those who are not familiar and want to get know that as a tourist attraction what Mansehra city is, then a basic prototype for them is that “Mansehra is a city surrounded by mountains and is running through a fast floating River Kunhar. The beautifully decorated huts and restaurants on the mountains and alongside the bank of the river all are adding the beauty of the city”. 

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If your question is that, what places you can visit in Mansehra, then the answer to your question that you have lots of options to Explore in Mansehra. 
Ashoka Rocks: It is the first recommendation for you. The place reminds us of the 3rd century BC Mauryan King Ashoka. Those who are history lovers and want to explore the historical spots, this is the best option for them. 
Sikh Fort: The Sikh Governor-General Man Singh had established a fort late in the 19th century in Mansehra. The fort is still located here and is one of the main tourist spots in Mansehra. Those who are history lovers, this fort is the best place for them. 
Kashmir Bazar: Kashmir Bazar is located in Mansehra that is passing along with the curvy Shinkiari and Kashmir roads. First of all, the bazaar is located at the beautiful side and then it offers a lot of things related to the culture and lifestyle of the people of Mansehra. 
Flora Of Mansehra: Flora Of Mansehra offers a variety of trees along with greenery and hilly areas, which is the best place for those who look for a place of relaxation.
Fauna Of Mansehra : The fauna Of Mensehra offers a variety of animals to see. You can find swallows, bears, crows, lions, and many other reptiles to see there.  

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Where Mansehra offers many beautiful and historical places to explore, at the same time, Mansehra is also known as a gateway towards the tourism of the most beautiful and charming sites of Pakistan. 
For example, when you move forward from Mansehra you can find the hilly areas of Abbottabad. Shogran, Siri Pae, and after passing by many other beautiful spots you reach the bazaars of Kaghan and Naran valleys. These two valleys are the most beautiful valleys to explore in the northern areas. From Naran valley you take the ride upwards that leads you towards the Lake Saif Ul Malook, a natures’ marvel and a piece of heaven on this land. 

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