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The evergreen Murree is situated an hour's drive from Islamabad and is crowded by visitors all year round. however, there is a specific time of year when you can enjoy snowfall in Murree. Enjoy the variety of packages for touring the Murree with us from honeymoon packages to family packages with hotel stay, tour guide, and safe transportation facility, keeping in mind that the priority is affordability.

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more expand trips come with a variety of tour packages Pakistan 2023. Pakistan is a place that enriches tourist attractions. Domestic people, as well as foreign people, take several areas of Pakistan as their favorite tourism spots. Out of these spots, Murree is the most favorite one. During seasonal plans, thousands of tourists visit Murree on a daily basis.Read Pakistan is the most Favorite destination for tourists in 2023


Those visitors who are looking to spend the summer season of 2023 in Murree and are looking to get the Best Murree Tour Packages in Pakistan are invited by, where they cannot only book their trip but can also get the complete planning that how they can make their time good and memorable there in Murree. 

Murree Honeymoon Tour Packages | Holiday Tour Packages for Murree

Murree is surrounded by a number of beautiful and charming places. Murree is known as “the queen of mountains”. Moreover, the places like Kashmiri point, Pindi point, AyubiaNathiagaliMall road, new Murree, Bhurban, and Patriata, etc. all add the beauty of the place Murree. All these points are the natures’ marvel. You would forget the previous one when you would move on next place. So, one who is going to arrange Murree Tour Packages can easily explore all these mentioned Murree Tourist Point.       

Hiking & Camping Tour Packages for Murree

Murree offers a lot of activities to do for visitors. As we have discussed earlier that Murree is a place of mountains, so, you may get the opportunity of hiking there. There are lush green valleys you would find in Murree which is the best option for Camping Activity. Moreover, Murree offers a lot of activities to do and Honeymoon Tour to Murree can also be a great option.   

Book Best Tour Package from Lahore to Murree | Tour Packages from Karachi to Murree offer pre-planned Murree tour packages. However, you can also arrange a customized tour or weekend tour packages to Murree according to your needs and time availability. For both of the season, you can get the best Murree tour plans 2023. For example, the visitors are offered summer season Murree tour 2023 and Winter Season Murree Tour. Moreover, also offers applicants the tour packages from different areas or cities. For example, tourists can find Murree tour package from KarachiMurree tour package from Lahore 2023, and from some other major cities.

Muree Weather

Murree's weather is an integral part of its traveling experience. From the vibrant spring to the pleasant summer, the picturesque autumn, and the enchanting winter, each season offers a unique charm and allure. Whether it's embracing the blooming nature, seeking respite from the summer heat, witnessing the colors of autumn, or experiencing the winter wonderland, Murree's weather adds a special touch to every traveler's journey. So, embark on a memorable trip to Murree and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and changing weather of this hill station, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Muree in Winter.

October - March

Murree is a well-known hill station in the district of Punjab in Pakistan. It is known for its stunning beauty and pleasant weather. A large number of people attracts towards Murree due to its accessibility and varied facilities. During the winter season, Murree transform into a beautiful wonderland with cold temperature and snowfall. Travelers are advised to pack their belonging accordingly as the temperature drops below to freezing point during winter season which extends from December to February. Apart from the snowy weather, you can indulge in various fun activities like snowboarding and skiing in Murree during the winter season. Some of the natural beauty remains in Murree to visit during your trip include Patriata chairlift, Kashmir point, and Mall Road. You can indulge with the warm welcoming locals and explore the grand bazar at Mall Road. However, during winters the roads of Murree are often covered in snow and travelers are advised to plan their trip accordingly.

Muree Tours in Summer.

April - September

Murree is widely popular and one of the go-to hill stations in Pakistan. The hill station is famous for receiving a large number of tourists from all over the country throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Murree is during the summer season. When the country faces the scorching sun and extreme heat, you can escape to Murree for a relaxing summer vacation. The weather in Murree during the summer is pleasant, and the temperature is mild to cool, ranging from 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The surroundings of Murree come alive during the summer season and are filled with greenery all around. You can enjoy the bustling Mall road where you can interact with locals and enjoy shopping at the same time. Moreover, you can also involve in different outdoor activities like horse riding, trekking, a chairlift ride, and much more. You can experience rain during the summer and have the best time relaxing in Murree's comfortable hotels and resorts.

Muree in Autumn.

September - November 

Murree is a well-recognized hill station among the people of Pakistan for its natural beauty. A large number of families plan their weekend getaway to Murree due to its easy access and many other facilities. The hill station experiences all four seasons. However, fall is considered the best time to visit Murree. It is entirely covered in full bloom and vibrant nature, perfect for nature lovers. The temperature is pleasant and ranges from 14 degree Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, creating the best atmosphere for outdoor activities and enjoying a pleasant walk on the streets of Murree. Murree has a number of hotels and resorts for its guests, coming every now and then. You can explore the famous points of the city, including Mall Road, Kashmir Points, and various more. You can have a relaxing and peaceful getaway during the spring season in Murree.

Muree Tours in Spring.

March - May

People often turn towards mountainous regions or any hill station to escape from the daily routine and stressful work conditions. Murree is one of the country's most popular hill stations, attracting many people from all over the country. The hill station is highly preferred among individuals for its accessibility, facilities, and weather conditions. The spring season in Murree brings a refreshing and vibrant energy to the atmosphere. After the cold chilly winters, the weather slowly rises, and the temperature ranges from 15 degree Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Visiting Murree during the spring is always a perfect idea to experience the colourful blooms and beautiful landscapes. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the festivals of the hill station during spring. You can plan your spring trip to Murree without fearing road blockage due to snow or heavy rainfall.



The main attractions of Murree include Kashmir point, the mall Murree, Chattar Park, Sangrela Park, Dir Munjai Pakistan, a chair lift, and many more.

The main points of Murree include Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Patriata, Bhurban etc.

An average trip to Murree costs about RS. 10,000 per person.

Overall it is safe to visit Murree but the behavior of the locals here with the travelers is not good.

The best months to visit Murree are December and January when there is Snowfall.


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