Updated July 2024

If you ask someone in Pakistan the most beautiful place they’d like to visit. In most cases, you’ll hear about the sheet beauty of Kashmir, particularly the Neelum Valley. Trips.pk offers professionally organized tour packages to Neelum Valley (Kashmir). These packages are competitively prices and managed by experts. Package prices start from Rs. 12000 only. You can join any of the Kashmir tour packages from following locations:

1. Lahore 

2. Karachi (come to Lahore/ISB on your own)

3. Islamabad

4. Along GT Road (from any city)

Neelum Valley is a beautiful land in Pakistan where numerous tourists from Pakistan and some from abroad visit to explore its beauty. Neelum Valley is located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. If you are looking for Neelam valley tour packages, then you are welcome here. On this site you will find a variety of tour packages to Neelum valley 2024.


Neelum Valley has many mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. There are many sub-valleys in Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley is mostly approached from two points, one from Kaghan Valley and other from Noori Top. It has some other small passes too from where it can be reached. Neelum Valley is 4,000 meters above sea level. These are the best tour packages prices to Neelum Valley.

Best Honeymoon Tour Packages 2024 for Neelum Valley (AJK)

Below are the dozens of best Tour Packages to Neelum Valley 2024 having different durations and package prices. Through these packages, you can travel to Neelum Valley and enjoy the beauty of Pakistan in your holidays. These Azad Kashmir Best Tour Plans  are offered by different travel agencies so they have different durations, services, and trip package prices.


These travel agencies will provide you with facilities of the tour, travel guidance, quality meals, hotel accommodation, transport, and some other requirements. Just you need to get the package of your choice and prepare for the trip to the beautiful Neelum Valley.


There are details of services in each section of these Neelum Valley trip Packages. So, before ordering your package, you are required to read the details carefully. prices of tour packages to Neelum Valley are per each person. So, you can choose the Neelum Valley 3 Days Tour Package Prices  according to your budget as there are many Cheapest 4 Days Tourist Packages to Neelum Valley also.

Family | Students Tour Packages | Neelam Valley Tour Packages 2024 

Neelum Valley is allover attractive and gorgeous. Its high-altitude mountains and lush green land provide a comfortable look at each glance. Best visiting places in Neelum Valley are Ratti Gali, Noori Top, Chitta Khata LakeSharda Neelum ValleyKel, Taobat, and many more. Each visiting place of Neelum Valley has further tourist places inside it.


Each trip package has different services and visiting places. All the details are written in the description of each package. So, make sure to choose the package which has your preferred main attractions. There are many other places of visit within Pakistan and abroad Pakistan.  We provide here the tour packages for the facility of the public so that they can easily get visiting services.


The best time duration to visit Neelum Valley is from March to October..

Neelum valley is famous for its Green meadows, Pleasant weather, Streams, rivers, forests, and mountains.

The famous food in Neelum valley is Gushtaba with Rice.

The Ratti Gali Lake is the most Famous in Neelum Valley.

The average tour cost to Neelum valley is around RS. 17000.

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