Passu is a name of a small village located in Gilgit Baltistan, the most beautiful region in the north of Pakistan. It is a small village in size but offers an amazing experience of exploring nature. Because of its beauty, this is known as one of the main tourist attractions in Northern Pakistan. We would like to give a sketch to our visitors to offer them a brief idea that what they are going to get while arranging a tour of the Pasu tourist spot. You are passing by a road which is surrounded by the cones like trees and the road leads you towards a small village which is surrounded by the mountains. The mountains are stoniest and the apexes of which are sometimes covered with snow. 

Passu Adventure Tour | Hunza Tour Packages Prices 2024

Passu tour packages allow tourists to get several adventures. Although passu is a small village but it is surrounded by many other tourists’ spots including passu cones Hunza, passu glaciers, Batura Glacier Moraine Lake near Passu village, Nabod area of Passu, Tupopdan, and Hunza River, etc. All these are the remarkable places that you can visit while exploring passu village. All these places will make your tour best and leave long-lasting memories. 
You can make many adventurous activities there. For example, you can do Camping there, book camping & trekking tour packages .the bonfire is the best adventure to do there, boating is a good option that you can do in Moraine Lake and Hunza River. However, there are a lot of other activities such as the cultural events and activities of the local inhabitants you can find to see there. Moreover, the unique cuisine and culture you may find to experience there in Passu.  

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Trips.pk arranges tours to almost all the best and attractive Tourist spots of the northern areas. We also come with the Best Tour Packages for Passu Cones. You can start your journey towards Passu from almost all the biggest cities. For example, you are provided with Passu tour packages in Lahore, Passu tour packages in Islamabad, and some others. 


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