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If we say that the northern areas of Pakistan are the hub of tourism then it can never be neglected at all. The northern areas of Pakistan are replete with the natures’ marvel. The wonders of the places are too amazing that you would forget the previous one while moving towards the next one. Every single place has its own charms and delights. The lush green fields, the highest peaked mountains, the fast floating rivers, a variety of beautiful streams or lakes, the amazing waterfalls, etc. all are the symbols of the northern areas of Pakistan. Get 1 day tour packages for shirine of peer Chinsai.
From these areas, Pir Chinasi shrine is the one that offers a wonderful tourism experience to the tourists who are true nature lovers. Peer Chanasi is, actually, a shrine of a Sufi which because of its beautiful surrounding areas has also become the most famous tourist attraction. The place is located in Muzaffarabad and every year a lot of devoted people come to this shrine to pay their devotions to the saint and also to visit the beautiful areas near to the shrine.  

Shrine of Pir Chinasi AJK Muzafarabad Tour Packages 1,2 Days

While visiting Peer Chanasi, travelers can get the chance of exploring a lot of other beautiful places that are located in Muzaffarabad. For example, you can visit Dhani Waterfall, Neelum River, Red Fort, Kohala Bridge, Shrine of Saint Saheli Sarkar, Quaid-e-Azam tourist’s lodge, Shaheed Gali, Neelum Jhelum power points, and some other places you can find to visit while planning a tour to Pir Chinasi. 

Why Visit Pir Chinasi 

For the tourists, there are many reasons for moving towards Peer Chanasi. For example; 
The place offers amazing weather. 
The average temperature of this place falls between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius in the summer season.
The average temperature of this place is up to -20 degrees Celsius in the winter season.  
The place offers panoramic views. 
The tourists can find cloud touching hills there. 
From the guest house of Peer Chanasi, you can get the beautiful night view of Muzaffarabad city.  

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