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Rakaposhi is a mountain located in the mountain range of the Karakoram and in local language it means “Snow-covered”. It is also known as Dumani and ranked 12th in Pakistan and its height is 7,788m. This mountain was first climbed by the members of the British Pakistani expedition in 1958. In our country, the hike to Rakaposhi base camp is considered as one of the beautiful hikes. Check out the prices of camping tour of Rakaposhi.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek & Camping Tour Packages

Many people love to visit the Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek to witness the jaw-dropping scenes of nature. Basically, this tour is the best for the tourist that loves adventure and trekking and it is known as a safe strip in the Northern areas. There you can find the stunning waterfalls and the specular green patches that add the beauty of this place. It provides the lifetime experience to the travelers. Moreover, the local guides also assist the visitors and make them feel comfortable. It contains two famous stopovers that are Happakun Camp Site along with Taghafaree Basecamp Sight. It almost takes 7 hours to reach the base camp of Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi Base Camp Tour Packages 2023

The people that are interested in the Rakaposhi base camp tour are recommended to check the details from the trips.pk. We provide the best services to make the journey memorable. In addition, traveling guidelines are also provided so that travelers have to not face any kind of trouble. A wide range of Rakaposhi base camp tour packages are available here on this platform so check them and choose the best one by considering your requirements. 8 days camping tour packages for Rakaposi.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek Itinerary

As far as the Rakaposhi base camp trek itinerary is concerned, a proper traveling plan will be followed during the whole tour. Moreover, along with the other necessities the package also includes the Attahabad Lake and Baltit Fort visit. Get honeymoon tour packages for Attaabad lake.


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