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Rawalakot is the capital of district Poonch of Azad Kashmir. The place is most beautiful because of its landscapes, valleys, subtropical highland climate, and streaming areas. The place is listed under the most visiting destinations of Pakistan especially from the northern areas of Pakistan. Those who are planning to visit Rawalakot can find the complete detail of Rawalakot tour pin this page.

Rawalakot (AJK) Tour Packages 2023 | Tooli Peer | Gurdwara Tour Packages

One of the best places to visit in Rawalakot is the dream valley resort. Must add this place among the destination points while arranging your Tour to Rawalakot in 2023.If you want to get the charms of the streaming areas then Banjosa Lake can be the best option for you. It is a most beautiful lake of crystal clear water and is surrounded by a lush green valley.Check also Neelum Valley Tour Packages.
Nergola Waterfall is another most beautiful and adventurous place you can find during the Rawalakot tourism. It is a natural waterfall and is one of the natures marvels on the land. 
Another beautiful place you can find while spending your time in Rawalakot is Toli Peer.Explore 1 Day Trip to Tolipeer. Toli Peer is a lush green valley surrounded by trees and mountains. It is the area above from the earth and looks the more adventurous and unique place to visit. These are the most famous Rawalakot tourist attractions.

Camping & Trekking Tour Packages for AJK Rawalakot

Several things you can do while traveling to Rawalakot. You can make camping activities in the lush green areas or valleys. As the area is surrounded by mountains, you can also do hiking activities there. Kashmiri people are more ritual people. You can find many cultural activities to explore there. Camping & hiking tour packages at discout. 

Banjosa Lake Hotels in Rawalakot Azad Kashmair

The captivating beauty of Banjosa attracts visitors from all over Pakistan. It is an artificial lake surrounded by dense forest. This place portrays the natural beauty as the resting calm water of Banjosa Lake. There are a number of hotels near the lake that provide residence to the visitors. The private, as well as the government rest houses, are located there that the travelers can book for their journey. Some of the famous hotels include Hotel Night Bridge, Heaven Dreams, Gulf Palace, and PWD Guest House Banjosa. So grab a chance to visit this fascinating destination by picking the tour packages from trips.pk

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Visitors who are eager to plan a 2023 tours to Rawalakot and are looking for the best platform to arrange your tour then you are invited here by trips.pk. At trips.pk you can find several Rawalakot tour packages to get a better traveling experience. So, feel free to contact us to plan your best vacation season.



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