Rush Lake is in Nagar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and it is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world. It is the highest-altitude lake in Pakistan. It remains cold almost all year. So, it is the best attraction for tourists.The beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes provides a soul-soothing environment. Rush Lake and Rush Peak (a mountain) both are famous for their beauty. The surface elevation of Rush Lake is about 4,694 meters (15,400 ft).
So, making the journey easy, we have brought the best tour packages to Rush Lake. You can get 8 days Tour package to visit Rush Lake on Trips.pk, you will be provided best services which are stated here.

Trek Tour Packages Rush Lake | Rush Lake Adventure Tour Packages

For Pakistanis, it is a great opportunity to visit beautiful places in Pakistan. Pakistanis should not miss exploring the beauty of their own country before intending to make a tour outside Pakistan. Rush Lake is also one such place in Pakistan which has a beauty that is not available anywhere else in the world. Along with many other tourist packages, The best tour plan to Rush Lake 2024 prices also now available here.
Rush Lake tour package 2024 costs differently for national and foreign nationals as stated here. Our tour package 2024 Rush Lake provides services such as transport (from Lahore/ Rawalpindi/ Islamabad), shared hotel accommodation, 3 times meals, services of a guide and many other necessary facilities. 

Camping Tour Packages to Rush Lake | K2 Tour Packages 

Around Rush Lake, there are many other places to be visited. In our 8 days Tour package to Rush Lake, you will visit best attractions near Rush Lake along with Rush Lake such as Besal, Jaglot, Rakaposhi, Hopar Village, Barichokor, Shishkin, Chedan Harrar, Hunza, and Karimabad. It is more enjoyable when you make Rush Lake Trip with family. Get camping tour packages at Rakaposi.
Along with sightseeing, you will also experience camping in this cold region specially in Summer. Often moderate snowfall occurs in the Rush Lake area. 2024 Rush Lake tour is offered by the travel agents of discovering Pakistan. Other best trip packages offered by Discover Pakistan are Trip packages to Sharda and trip packages to Shigar.


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