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Travelling for sure rejuvenates and replenishes a person who has been exhausted and bothered by routine. There are many places that need to be explored or beauties that are untouched. Apart from these features the hidden marvels can leave a lasting impression on the persons mind and soul. Book your Russian Tour Package from Pakistan on

Why Visit Russia?  

Before traveling to Russia, most of the people think of it as a third world country where safety would be a major concern, where the services will be of low quality and no items will be easy to find. But this isn’t the truth, because of the cold weather and the Russian language that isn’t as popular as English. This language barrier has barred most of the tourists from visiting the beautiful country.Read About Russia Visa From Pakistan.
Russia is completely different from its image. Russia is safe for tourists, there are security cameras and visible police presence in the streets. Since it’s a cold place there are barely or no homeless people in the streets which is an added safety element. There is no sense of danger in the streets of Russia whatsoever.  The means of transportation are easy going and much reliable, affordable. The quality of the food and restaurants is great and there are luxury to medium shopping centers as well. There are many international food chain outlets as Starbucks and McDonald’s. Book Tour to 7 Days Tour to Russia.

The various reasons to visit Russia are:

  1. Untouched Places: The tourist can discover a lot of new places that have not yet been explored. 
  2. Winter in Russia: The Russian winters isn’t easy but going there in winter is definitely worth it. The big cities of Russia have winter festival, also there the site seeing is made more exciting in snowfall.
  3. Russian Ballerina: The dance that is much imitated in other countries can be seen in its best form in Russia, the tourist must not miss out on this one at all. 
  4. Art, museums and heritage sites: there are a lot of churches hundreds of year’s old, heritage sites which are symbolism of Russian Czar Empire.
  5. Russian landscape is much tempting with its mountains, lakes, grasslands and dessert. The Russian cities as St Petersburg and Moscow are very well developed.  

Best Places to Visit in Russia:

  1. Lake Kardyvach
  2. Olkhon Island
  3. Ussuri Bay
  4. Sergiyev Posad
  5. Ruskeala
  6. Krasnaya Polyana
  7. The Solovki Islands
  8. Dargavs
  9. Lake Teletskoye
  10. Kizhi Island

International Tour Packages from Pakistan 2023:

When you are traveling to some other country it is mandatory to have awareness about their common traditions and rituals. Following are some of the things that must be considered by the visitors while exploring Russia
  1. In case you are invited to any Russian household, make sure to bring the gifts for the host as the gesture of thank you and for showing benevolence.
  2. While traveling to different places in Russia, always respect the Russian old lady and it acts as a sign of respect.
  3. Always remember that no need to smile at strangers while on public transport and it is considered as a sign of a fool.
  4. Russian people consider it impolite if someone shakes their hands with the gloves on. So avoid doing it.

Best Tour Packages to Russia | Europe Tour Packages from Pakistan:

This is the best website to find the affordable tour packages. can help you find the best one week, two week and one month Russia package. Russia is a big country, the best package for Russia are of the duration of 1 month. Check 6 Days Moscow Tour.This would be an enriching tourism experience especially in winter. The best tour packages for Russia in 2023. 



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